Part 2 of my build

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  1. So whats up with the Pro-M maf? Did you buy a 3" blowthrough meter? That meter can be calibrated to 60# its what I use on that turbo car I just finished, had the best curve I have ever seen out of the box....
  2. I was told i could use the electronics from the PRO-M i bought,and i'm putting them in the flange i bought from a guy on corral.Then i'll weld the flange to the pipe comming from the IC to the TB.The PRO-M i bought isnt a blow threw itself,but from what i unnderstand once i put it in the pipe it will work?It's already calibrated for 60#'s.I'm hopefully buying the injectors this weekend!Then i need the header wrap and plugs.peace

  3. Yes i can if needed?But i can describe to you.The bolts that went to the water pump werent opened enough for the bolt head to go threw,so i opened them up and recounter sunk them.Then i just bought a bolt to run threw the hole to the alt and bolted it that way,instead of running it to the head like it was suppose to.Like i said though it looks to be kock eyed so it might not work cause the belt might get thrown off?If so i will pull it all off AGAIN and open the hole up bigger where it bolts to the alt and the head and then bolt it on.But yes after i get my daughter from volley ball practice i'll post'em.peace

  4. Anyone suggest a spark plug to use for this set up?peace

  5. You run a AFR head right normally run Autolite 3924's? Try some NGK7173 commonly referred to as #8's, perfect heat range for a boosted car.
  6. Yes sir! and the PRO-M deal?Whatcha think?peace

  7. Well good news got all my money back and got to keep my blanket!Got the plugs tonight ordered my oil filter relocate kit,and should also be ordering my injectorsa and headers wrap tomorrow!All i'll need is my 4"-3" elbow for my intake pipe to throttle body.Plus i still might need to dink with my alt bracket?peace

  8. What filter relocation kit did you go with?
  9. I got one off here and it came off a explorer. peace

  10. Well plans for this weekend are to.Gap and install plugs,install and weld in flange for MAF,hook up drain line,go to u pull it for a filter relocation kit,move all the wireing from the passengerside to the driverside,couple tweakes still on the alt bracket,wrap all the hotside and DP as well as i might weld the cross over pipe seam?Also plan to hook up my fan controller and my line locks.Got the injectors on the way as well as my wideband!I might drive to seattle tomorrow to have a start up tune put on my chip,i want to start and drive this thing next weekend!AS long as the injectors get here!I'll post pics later today or weekends end.peace

  11. Looks like you're on your way to getting this thing done. Let me know how that explorer filter relocation goes.
  12. will do
  13. Got a little more done today,wrapped the DP by myself what a ****!Also made a new bracket and got the alternator mounted on the driverside and also got a new belt.All i need to do now with it is pull the nose again :mad: and route the wireing to that side.My couplers,injectors,and wideband will be here this week, so all that will be installed plus hopefully the supporting things as the week goes on.Heres pics from today. peace




  14. that looks pretty good! just flipped the bracket?

    You running a standard roatation water pump? I was gonna run mine like that but I have a reverse rotation pump, so I'm gonna run mine like this:

  15. Yes sir and thanks,i need to cut another spacer for the bracket i made so i can get rid of the washer i have in there.peace

  16. where did you find the spacers or did they come with the kit? I need a few....
  17. They are extras from a diffrent kit plus i made a few i had laying around from my old job.peace

  18. Hate to bust your bubble but that will not cool very well, you need a lot more wrap on the water pump pulley to use a reverse rotation pump. You could fab up a small bracket off the waterpump and add a small idler pulley to get more wrap.
  19. Lol he's in canada, where he's got to shake the ice off after every run :rlaugh:
  20. That's what they have it set-up for is a reverse pump. So I'm sure it least I hope so. I was thinking of the Moroso kit but it mounts too low and I'd have to use a standard pump AND a grooved pulley. I think I'll do exactly like John has if it works for him.

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    :lol: So true........