Part 2 of my build

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  1. Mine will work i beleive?The trick will be getting the correct spacing from the spacers,but i think i have that figured out also?Once my injectors come and i get a tune i'll be able to start it and tell ya better.peace

  2. Got the DP in lastnight and the pipe off the IC,going to remove the nose tonight to reroute the wireing get the alt hooked up,then get ready to hook up and wire in my wideband.My injectors probably wont be here till monday :( so i'll be at a stop till they come in.My plans for the weekend is to go to my buddies and weld the flange on the IC pipe and use his MAF electronics that are calibrated for 60#'s already,since my LMAF sencer wouldnt fit in my flange i bought.So since his MAF electronics are calibrated for 60# already,caint i just install it and set the timming and fuel pressure and be good,as long as i keep an eye on the A/F?peace

  3. I ran a 350HP NA set-up in the past with a little more belt wrap then you have pictured and had issues, I ended up switching it around to get more wrap, also used a 93 Cobra water pump pulley and it made it better.
  4. ahh good idea
  5. Whats so special about the cobra pully?peace

  6. I think it's larger diameter?
  7. Yea, you're going to have belt slip with that little of contact.
  8. well you're not off the hook, any updates? I wanna know how you alternator bracket worked out.
  9. LOL i still havent tried it yet?Still sitting in the garage.Now i'm in no big hurry to get it donesince winyer/the rain looks to have returned :( peace

  10. still torn apart?
  11. Smaller
  12. Yep the rain is back here so i guess whenever it gets done it does.:shrug:

  13. f that attitude. get that chit done.

    we can have a heads up drag race in the snow. sc'd notch vs. turbo hatch. :D
  14. :lol: all in time!How did your install go so far? peace

  15. haha, nothing so far.

    i've got studded snow tires and a torque arm setup. pretty sure your gonna get destroyed :D
  16. Oh yeah?Well i got a hemi and AWD!Top that! :rlaugh: Well back to the point,GF said go out to the garage!So well i did and heres what i did

    all i need now is to weld the new flange on for my new MAFsener and filter and oil and hook up the wideband!Then onto the exhust system.

  17. Well it isnt much of a video,but it's what it is for now.Got it started tonight for a few.Still no test drive need to finish the wide band and get the PCV system and exhust still.So far the alt bracket swap works cobra! peace

  18. vid doesnt work.
  19. vid is only popping up with a still image