Part 2 of my build

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  1. Nice!! Looks good!!:nice:
  2. UPDATE...IT RUNS!!!!!!!!

    Well just took the stang for a short spin!Having trouble with the A/F system working and i dont have a ignition box so i took it easy,plus the exhust isnt finished so it's and open 3 1/2" DP only!Well i seen 9PSI and as soon as the boost builds the slightest the tire's dont like it :D Once i get the A/F system to work i will know better as to how it's running?Hopeing to get the exhust done next month i'm fabing up my own Y-pipe to conect to my cat back.Also waiting on a responce from the company i bought the A/F system from to see what they have to say?peace

  3. Well got a responce and the tech guy wants me to try some trouble shooting that he told me to do.If not then send it back and i get a new one on his dollar!peace

  4. Cant beat that!
  5. Who are you going to get to tune it since John friggin bailed?
  6. He did my initial tune on the chip in october.So IDK?I MIGHT try TMS? Or i was thinking of supertune in hazel dell?Or looks like i better invest in a few blocks and/or motors???peace

  7. When and where did john run off too?
  8. Well i think another problem has come up?Went out to take measurements and figure out my Ypipe needs.Well as i looked under the car i seen a puddle (not to big) of oil.So i'm thinking i might have to much crank case pressure?I have only one valve cover vented i took the filler cap off and put a baffled plug in it.It's suppose to let out air/pressure but not oil.Maybe i need to get the PCV system properly done,or take another passengerside vc and put the same thing in place of the filler cap for now?I'm doing -12 all the way and running it into a vented catch can.Any ideas on the oil leak?I havent got under to see exactly where it was comming from?But looks to be dripping from the pan?peace

  9. at idle.. or that high of an idle, id say its fine. 14.2-13.8 is average for idle.
  10. Try the video again BK. That was giving it steady throttle,it idles about 1000 and then it reads 15.5-16.5 peace

  11. worked that time.