Part III of my Turbocharged Mustang build.

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  1. Well the spring is fast approaching and I figured its time to get things moving on stage III of my Turbocharged Mustang. This year will be another extreme jump in performance. Everything has been ordered and only time is a factor now.

    The new list of goodies.

    Ford R-Block
    Eagle internally balanced forged crank
    Eagle forged H-beam rods (with arp 2000 upgraded rod bolts)
    SRP forged pistons
    Clevite H(race)series bearings
    Cam Motion custom ground cam
    Cam plate (kind of like a girdle for your cam)
    Crane lifters
    TFS Track Heat Heads being ported and polished, possible spring upgrade.
    Holley Systemax II intake port matched and polished.
    ARP hardware
    Melling High Volume Oil Pump
    Internally balanced SFI Damper
    84# injectors
    900HP custom fuel system
    Bigstuff 3 standalone with wideband and internal datalogging.
    SBF Billet Timing set
    MSD Steel gear
    MSD Billet Pro distributor
    MSD Crank Trigger and kit
    MSD ICT sensor
    MSD ECT sensor
    MSD 3bar map sensor
    Custom sumped tank
    JGS Billet Bypass valve
    Tbolt clamp upgrade
    Flex-a-lite Black Magic Extreme electric fan
    3G ALT and 200amp wiring kit by Alpine
    Custom painted pulley brackets
    BFG Drag Radials
    Edelbrock adjustable CA's
    New paint :cool2:

    ...I think thats about it.:eek:

    Pics coming soon.:nice:
  2. Thats quite a list Brad.

    Who is building the engine?

    What size turbo do you plan on running? 76?
  3. All necessary components, they support each other.

    Campbell Racing, they are big into turbo applications here in Canada. Lots of write ups in Hot Rod Magazine about their shop. Their latest project was a 800rwhp Z06.

    Nope, staying with the T67 for now.
  4. Nice!!!:nice:

    Keep us posted.:canada:
  5. Sounds Great!

    Did you get my PM over on TM about the VC?

  6. Yes,

    I have no choice but to go with stock height VC's. My intake is just barely clearing my hood now. Checked last night.
  7. Brad,

    Could you tell me what you did for your PCV system? Do you run an Evac system or a breather tank kit?
  8. Nice list.

    reminds me of this other guys new motor :)
  9. I have a catch can with a breather on it. This year I'm running a line from each VC and one from the PCV valve at the back of the intake to the catch can.

  10. Who is that?
  11. Refer to the quote in your last post.:nice:

  12. How about just tell me. I'm not following.:shrug:
  13. lol think.. who exactly did you quote? THINK lol
  14. Here's a hint.[​IMG]
  15. doesnt seem like he wants to joke
  16. Cool. What does your setup consist of?
  17. If you don't mind me asking, how much did it run?
  18. DART Iron Eagle 8.2” deck, 364ci short block assembly, 4.125" bore, 3.4" stroke Eagle Internal Balance 4340 crank, 5.4" Eagle 4340 H-beam rod ARP 2000 rod bolt upgrade, Probe SRS pistons xx.xcc dish, plasma moly ring set, Clevite H-series Main and Rod bearings.

    Oil System Package (Canton 7qt Pan kit, steel, Melling HP Oil Pump, FMS or ARP oil pump drive shaft, ARP stainless Steel bolts, ARP oil pump bolts)
    AFR205 58cc chambers, hyd roller prep
    Spyder Style intake
    90mm Accufab
    Probe Shaft Mounts
    Crane Hyd Linked lifter
    COMP Hi-Tech 1 pc Chrome Moly pushrods
    Rollmaster Billet Timing Chain, Red Series, FMS Billet Steel retainer plate
    Camshaft Innovations Custom Hyd *Billet*
    Romac Steel with ALUM outer ring (lightweight and will not rust)
    Fel-Pro 1011-1 head gaskets, Fel-Pro Intake gasket,
    Head Studs ½”, cam bolt , balancer bolt
    Billet Alum Flywheel

    Viper T56
    Single Turbo Kit
    Snow Methanot Kit
    Weldon fuel pump/filter/regulator
    -10 feed line -6 return
    Sumped tank

  19. Some pics of the progress. Engine being pulled out, heads and intake removed and ready to be shipped off to Campbell Automotive.

    Steve (Turbo2.3) works fast :o

    Apparently the old motor looks as good as it did before the turbo kit went on. Thanks to Toma's great tune :2thumbs: