Part III of my Turbocharged Mustang build.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Brads Coupe, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Car looks amazing! Just out of curiousity, why did you stay with the factory K-member? I can't seem to decide what to do with mine yet.
  2. In the second last pic you can see the factory k-member.
  3. :scratch: ..... please re-read post. Thanks.
  4. What type of fuel lines are those blue lines and how do they attach to the AN fittings?
  5. Looks awesome. It's gonna be a beast when it's done. :nice:

    Are you doing everything but the fab work or is someone else building the car?
  6. Next year I plan on doing a Mini Tub with Coil overs on all 4corners. Come that time I will decided on a K-Member, more then likely an MM or Griggs setup.
  7. Russell push-lock line and AN push lock fittings. All NHRA approved.

  8. Hell no. I hate working on cars, avoid it at all cost...LOL. Steve Sept is doing all the install and fab work.

    The engine was built tuned and tested by Campbell Racing.

    The actual specs and design were put together by myself.
  9. Whaaaaaaaat?! :eek:

    Whatever floats your boat. I like workin on my own stuff, I get more satisfaction that way.

    Bad ass car, anyway. :D

  10. Thanks Brad! Thanks to all, that said good things about my work..

    The car is going to tear up the dyno Saturday.

    Some of my hard work has paid off. My 2.3 89 coupe flies!

    This is maybe why Brad picked me to do his car.

    sample > last year we raced.

    My 2.3

    115 mph in the 1/4 this year :D
  11. sweeeet, that thing got a hemi?
  12. Damn! in that video Brad trapped at 120mph and only did mid 13's. He is in need of some traction desperately. Your car rocks to, talk about a sleeper. I had a 85 notch with the 2.3 and I put a turbo setup from a 83 ranger on it. It was pretty quick, ran high 14's in the 1/4. Nothing like yours though!
  13. Steve's the Best!

    So close but we didn't quite get'r done today.

    Here are a few pics of the completed engine bay and one pic of my new JGS By-Pass, which was a **** to install by the way.

    We fired her up though and she purr's like a lion.:D

  15. Nothing flashy, just clean and simple. :)
  16. Lol you must have a lot of money to burn dude. Looks really good. I like the fuel system.
  17. Flashy doesn't make power! I perfer the clean and simple look over show!

  18. Lets just say I could buy a new C6 for the amount of money I have spent on this car.:p
  19. Yeah, but the motor wouldn't look as good!
  20. Looks Awesome Brad!!:nice:

    Keep us updated on the numbers.