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Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by hahnlsquid, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. hey im new to this forum but im not new to the car. i thought i would list this car everywhere to get maximum exposure. i got a mustang locally for a reasonable price with title issues so im parting it out. let me know what your looking for ill have great prices and can ship or arrange local pick up.

    car is a 1991 5.0 gt automatic.
    blue hatchback
    16 inch pony wheels with good tires all around
    black and grey inside seats are decent but not perfect
    all around many good parts
    email me and i can reply with prices and pictures of whatever your interested in
    [email protected]
  2. anyone?

    u name it i got it anyone need something? nothing too big or too small
  3. As funny as this may sound, I need a non-fog light headlight switch for a lx.
  4. got a grey ashtray lid that isnt broke?
  5. exhaust mount? The one for the h-pipe?
  6. Passenger door glass to 48048 ?
  7. you still around????
  8. do u have a grey carpet
  9. Bimini Blue?

    I could use a GT wing, are you still working on parting the GT out?
  10. I am looking for driver side mirror and quarter glass..
  11. God dammit it matt! I wish i coulda bought that window haha.
  12. Do you have the headliner trim piece that goes across the front windshield inside the car? Pm me if you do
  13. How about the hatch trim? the piece that covers up the wing holes on the interior?
  14. what tail lights are on the car? if they are lx and NOT the cheesegrater gt how much shipped to 20723??
  15. Do you have the driver side fender and passenger side mirror?
  16. Body moldings? the ones that go across the center of the door and around the car. zip is 23322
  17. How much for a passenger door?
  18. Headliner?
  19. I am looking for tweeted front and rear seats with hardware please give me a text or a call 1718-8384573 thanks
  20. holy old thread batman
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.