Parting 86 mustang gt OHIO

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by jeepman1, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. 86 parts

    what conditions are the front bumper in and how much. would u be willing to ship bumper.
  2. good condition, no cracks...I need to see what going rate is on oem bumper covers these days...been a while...

    ship to???
  3. 225.00 + shipping for cover....with headlight support
  4. Still looking??
  5. Do you have a picture of the gas cap? I am also looking for the little green clips that serve as nuts for the two lower screw attachments of the arm rests on the inside of the doors...they clip into the door skin and can be seen when the arm rests are removed. Additionally, looking for a power door lock cover for the passenger side. Lastly, what condition is the center console in...more specifically the coin tray and the lid pad? I know this is small stuff but I am in Houston, Tx. 77062 so shipping should not be a problem.
  6. parts

    Do you have the metal molding that goes around the Quarter windows? What abou the fender extensions for both fenders?

  7. How much for the rear metal bumper? I also need the bolts that go with it.

    Zip Code: 07628
  8. you happen to have a center console?
  9. car is long gone, but I have a 85 gt to pick up, what color interior you need??
  10. What color is the interior of the 85 you are going to pick up? Im looking for some red stuff.

  11. Guys I dont get it is there a car 86 or not? I need side moldings.fenders doors and little piece inp.behind doors GT you guys know and fender extenders, I put a 86 nose on a 89 I have a good 86 center console dash the little pic. car with the idiot lights in it dash pad.Have $$$ today will trade whatever hope to here from ya thanks!!
  12. gray interior
  13. computer

    Hey I'm looking for a good computer/EEC for a manual trans (DA1). Do you have one and for how much? I'm also in Cleveland, Oh.

    Thanks Jeff
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