Parting 94 Mustang GT 5 speed vert....

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by jeepman1, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. I have a 94 GT for parts here, tiel vert with black leather...

    130K 5 speed, he said reverse grinds?? I will see if I can get it driveable to check that out, runs good, decent black leather, (will get pics tomorrow) with mach460.
    Top has hole cut in it from break in while sitting...

    faily clean, looks like pass side parts are Ok, trunk good, rear cover good...

    Post with needs....

    Pick up only on big stuff, will not seperate engine accessorys.....

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  2. Interested in the following:
    - Both sunvisors - are the fabric and the mirrors in good shape?
    -the passanger side inside door pull (with the window switch) - is the switch still attached to the door pull or did it fall off?

    Let me know a price shiped to 18976?


  3. I'm intersted in the black plastic firewall cover if it isn't scratched up, or blemished.
    Shipped price to: 68133, please
  4. Visors are nice, no issues, 85.00 shipped
  5. 50.00 shipped, I can email pics...send me address
  6. As of now I have it all, but trans needs work with reverse, I would sell all the swap for 400.00+ shipping reverse works but pops out..
  7. [email protected]

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