Parting 97 3.8 Out CHEAP, H/C/I, Lotsa Bolt On's, T-5 Swap Parts, ANYTHING

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by Kiljosh, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Hey everyone I have decided I do not want to pursue this car any farther because it just isnt taking me where I want to be. Tastes have changed and now I want a car with better handling and winter performance so I am going to part her out..

    It's a 97, I am willing to negotiate prices on anything I list and can sell other parts off it you may need like interior trim, wiring harnesses, or body panels. Car has no transmission but everything else worked fine when it died.

    All prices do not include shipping, you can pick anything up if you live close to Northeast PA, just message me.

    (4)17x9 Chrome Cobra Rims; 2 are near perfect, 1 has a small fixable Crack, 1 has Curb Rash also maybe fixable, - $250

    Cold Air Intake/Beat up Filter, Powdercoated Ford Blue by DangerDude- $60

    2.5" MAC Exhaust 3" Chrome Slanted Tips , just the Y Pipe Kit a little rusty - $150

    Stock Y-Pipe, 2 cats gutted 2 still functioning, all 4 still on pipe w/ heat shields - $75

    MAC Unequal Shorty Headers, Ceramic but definitley look used - $130

    SCT Chip - $100($90 retune)I don't know if anyone can even use this so beware, has 4 settings on it tuned for the car it would need a retune.

    ASP Underdrive Crank Pulley - $100 MaxEffort Heads, upgraded .545 springs - $400

    Harland Sharpe 1.8 Adjustable Roller Rockers - $160(SPOKEN FOR)

    216/216/112 Reground Cam (.293/.507, .291/.504) - $100(SPOKEN FOR) Ported Lower Intake - $150

    (6)Used 19lb/hr Injectors - $50

    Sequential Taillights - $50(SPOKEN FOR)

    Black Ebay Angel Eye Headlights - $65

    1997 V6 T-5 Transmission/Bellhousing/FlexPlate - $120

    F1 Racing Stage 2 Clutch Kit Pilot and Release Bearings/Alignment Tool Included - $115 (SPOKEN FOR)

    Billet SPEC Flywheel - $220

    Aluminum Driveshaft - $150 (SPOKEN FOR)

    Steeda Clutch Cable/Quadrant/Firewall Adjuster Kit - $75 (SPOKEN FOR)

    ARP High Performance Series Flywheel Bolt Kit - $5

    ARP Pressure Plate Bolts - $5

    Energy Suspension Transmission Mount - $20 (SPOKEN FOR)

    94-95 Manual Pedal Assembly - $65

    95 Cobra Strut Tower brace - $80

    Alot of the stuff is still on the car but I will remove it once sold or you can come do it yourself haha. I have for sale almost everything you need to swap a t-5 into your auto. The only thing missing is the shifter bolts, upper and lower boots, bezel, knob. AS well as the bellhousing and transmission bolts, 5 speed ecu and harness. Prices are negotiable! Email me at [email protected] to exchange phone numbers for faster replies.
  2. Is the trans still for sale
  3. re: Driveshaft

    Did the sale of the drive shaft go through? If not I would be interested in working something out with you.
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