parting out 01 v6

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  1. have the interior except the air bags and the door panels(tan). the exterior is performance red hood and front bumper just painted about 100mi ago so was one side scoop. email me for pics [email protected] no shipping for large items i am located in south jersey

    cervinis stalker side scoops 130 shipped
    hood 175
    front bumper 150
    front fenders 150 pr
    rear gt bumper(not painted) 150
    deck lid w/wing 125 w/o wing 75
    steeda machined finish ac knobs 20 shipped
    steeda headlight knob machine finish 20shipped
    rear seats 60
    front seats(power driver) 150

    ask if you need something else
  2. do u have a drivers side skirt both pieces and the piece under the wipers?
  3. i have the side skirt and the cowl
  4. Hey i know you do not have it listed but you wouldn't by chance have a drivers side door would you?
  5. i do it has a small scratch and a small ding make me an offer
  6. do you have the plastic cowl cover with no cracks?
  7. do u have the passenger side mirror and is it electric
  8. do you have these?

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  9. need front inner fender wells and frony metal brake lines that run along framerail i bent mine...let me know
  10. Headlights?

    Do you have the headlights?

    Are they clear, or smoked?

  11. do you have the fog light switch?
  12. Where are you located? I'm interested in some of the body parts.
  13. i have the fog light switch and i live in vineland nj
  14. I need front seat belts, and I need everything. Latch side, belt side, retractor, hardware, etc.
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