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  1. A good friend of mine was in a car accident a couple years ago and was hurt bad. He's decided to part out his 68 Stang to recoupe some of his investment. He came by to visit for Christmas and brought some parts out here. If this stuff would fit on my car I'd buy it. I'm not selling these to make any profit, and I'm not getting anything from this, just helping a friend out. He's offering them at a slight prorated price to try and sell them to someone that will enjoy them. Some of the parts are with me in Dayton, Ohio. Almost all body panels are in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We will try to get pictures for the parts posted up soon. Also, James will have to go through his storage to see everything he has and the parts list will get updated as we go.

    Items in Ohio
    Global West parts: NEW, some have dings from handling, bolted on but not used,

    * MNR-73 67-73 Mustang tubular upper control arms $580
    * TBF-7 68-73 Mustang tubular lower control arms $370
    * S-28 67-70 Mustang Competition 1" drop coils $125
    * Adco 1 1/8 Front Sway Bar 67-70 w/zerx bushings $125
    PACKAGE DEAL, if you buy the 4 items above we'll add a free set of roller spring perches

    New in box, passenger head light bucket 67-68 $120
    new 65-68headliner blk (w/ free new headliner padding) $25
    window felts (belt line seals) 67-68 $45

    Items in Colorado:
    68 coupe body panels were removes and sanded to bare metal. They are still bare and have been stored out of the weather. They have been kept bare so a potential buyer can see there is no Bondo etc.

    original deluxe hood bare metal $100
    bare deck lid $50
    deck hinges $20
    steering column with horn/turn signal wiring $50
    new repop bumpers front and rear $75 each
    carpet new black in box $75
    strut rods factory bare metal $30
    fenders bare metal not rust, no holes $100 each
    head light bucket orignal drivers side bare $50
    heater box $50
    glove box door $30
    inner quater panel metal pieces $15 each
    front and rear seats all $100
    headliner ribs $15
    clutch pedal assembly sand blasted clean $100
    front valance original bare $40
    rear valance after market $20
    68 302 block 289 heads need rebuilt $100
    clean drum spindles $75

    If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email at [email protected]. Thanks everyone,


    *EDIT* I added prices for items we have pictures of so far. James is still sorting through his basement taking pics of what he has. I'll update the list as I get the pictures in from him. Photos can be found here: Sale/ . Please let me know if you're not able to view my album and I'll fix it. Thanks everyone.
  2. not tryin to be rude..but why doesnt he just sell the car??
  3. hey bart,
    ill take the windshield trim...
  4. I kind of want the headliner. I wish a '68 door would fit on a '65 mustang! =(
  5. When he broke his back a few years ago he was in the middle of a restoration. The car was prepped for paint. The non rolling shell was sitting on blocks in another friend's property. We haven't been in contact with the other friend yet, still working on it. Basically, we're parting the car out, everything but the body because that's all we have.
  6. How much for the heater box?
  7. how much for the whole global west set up? and the carpet
  8. How much for the frame brackets? To be more specific you have the motor mounts that connect to the frame mounts that connect to the frame.


  9. Hello,

    Not sure if we have these yet. I get a bunch of pictures from James everyday. I'll keep my eyes open for them and if we have them I'll let you know a price. Thanks,

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