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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by brendank69, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. Parting out my 76 cobra, id love to keep it but i dont have the time or resources with university on the go.

    In order, stumpys subframe connectors, hedman headers, traction bars, fan shroud.

    This is just what ive listed so far, i have the rest of the car that i am parting out so if anyone needs anything just let me know and we can make a deal. I also have one of Vince's T5 crossmembers that id rather sell on here than on ebay, I'd like $80 and shipping for it.

    Thanks everyone
  2. do you still have the air dam?
    if its the king cobra one i'll take it now, but if its the other kind, i may consider it. pics?
  3. No i don't still have the air dam, I live in Canada, that was probably the first piece to fall victim to a snowbank :D

    plenty of other good parts though!
  4. i need the front hard brake line from the dist. block to the passenger side i also need some interior parts like the glove box door the center console lid dash pad and maybe door panels and probly a whole bunch more that im forgetting my email is [email protected] if you wanna make a deal
  5. check your email dmann253 :nice:
  6. That crossmember sounds like something I need. I'm not familiar with Vince? Can you tell me a bit about it, maybe some pics? Does it come with the mount? I'm swapping a '93 Cobra T-5 into my '78 behind a 351W, and would rather have a custom mount than the fabricated mess I was preparing to do. If this will suit my needs, I'll happily pay you $80 plus shipping to Portland, OR. Thanks.
  7. Heres some pics:

    View attachment 448685

    View attachment 448687

    View attachment 448689

    Vince is a user on this site who fabricated these mounts a few years back, I bought this one and ended up never using it. I have here in my notes that it was built to use an Energy Suspension 4-1104G bushing, although I don't have one to confirm it. Should work well for your application.
  8. PM me about that crossbar if it doesnt get sold
  9. crossmember is sold!
  10. I'm looking for a few things, if you still have them: LH fender, hatch latch(if hatchback), all locks(if you have keys), gas cap, hood hinges, hood latch. I think that's all I need right now. Thanks.
  11. you have a pm mepotts
  12. im needing a gas tank
  13. Looking for a rear bumper assembly. Email if available
  14. could you email me all the parts or maybe pics of the car itself so i can see what you have? email; [email protected]
  15. mustang 2 parts

    Do you have v8 bell and flywheel? I have a friend looking to put a v8 into a pinto, Thanks, ED
  16. you have a pm NXBOY
  17. subframe connectors still avail ??
  18. I don't suppose you'd have a decent dash pad (red or black) by chance? Probably not too much to Greyhound one out to Vancouver.
  19. subframe connectors are gone...

    I do have a tan dash pad and a black dash pad, the tan one has some tears, the black one is in good condition IIRC. I can get some pictures if you want.
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