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  1. parting out entire 94 GT can ship anything at good rates
    pm with questions
  2. What color and style of interior?
  3. black interior
    pm me your email and I can send pictures
  4. What parts of the interior are still available? Would love some pictures if you don't mind. Send to my email address in my signature. Thanks!
  5. how much for a window motor from the passenger side.
  6. saw your post for the 94 GT i need the black panel from the passenger side (where the switches are) i also need a window motor if it is good. what are the prices for those? is it possible that there is a set of caster camber plates on the car could use those also. any performance parts on the motor?
  7. How is the steering wheel?
  8. Is this an abs car? I need all the hard brake lines from a non abs car. How much shipped to 49283?
  9. I need a front running pony emblem. Do you have that?
  10. I am in need of a stock radio/cassette deck for my 94 mustang gt as well as window motors for both the passenger and driver side windows. If any of these parts are still available please PM me your price. Thanks.
  11. Need cruise/horn button
  12. Hi I need all four seats or at least the rears h much to ship to nj 07508 don't care about condition
  13. Are the a/c vents good? How much for them? How is the condition of the door panels?
  14. Are you still parting out? If so, I'm looking for the molded plastic cover that goes over the distributor.
  15. I need both roof rails and attaching hardware.Whats the price w/shipping to 37660?
  16. How much for both roof rail moldings shipped to 37660?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.