Parting out a 88 GT. 94k original miles

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by Cutter1024, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. I had a front driver hit, and bought the car back from the insurance company. I am getting the car back next weekend, and will strip the full car. I figure i better take offers on parts now so i know what to take extra care of when stripping everything. Its a 88GT with 94k original miles. Also has some mods.... hurst shifter, MSD ignition, GT40 upper/lower, upgraded tranny good for 500 horse. King cobra clutch with a documented 25k miles on it. Mac headers, flowmasters with X pipe, Weld draglites with good tires, mass air conversion, and some other things.... Here are some before and after pictures so you guys can get a good idea of what it is. Me and a buddy are planning to strip this car in full in 2 weeks. I will do local pick-up, or ship. I will accept paypal, or cash if picking up. Car located near Adamstown PA.

    Thanks guys!!

  2. let me know how much for thos welds and tires
  3. how much 4 the whole car?? you can keep the wheels and tires if you want<<
  4. Looking for a quote if you still have the car... pass. side fender, rear saleen ignition box... shipping to 48006..
    email me if ya could [email protected]
  5. How much for cluster shipped to 31775?
  6. Interested in the door panels with armrests. Center console assemply including shift boot and armrest. Complete Dash with vent registers, upper/lower instrument. Mirrors with caps. Trunk latch assembly. [email protected]
  7. Do you have the cargo shade roller cover? Shipped to 28304.
  8. I don't need parts, but just wanted to say that sucks,,,you had a beautiful car!
  9. Sorry guys, was not getting notifications on replies to this thread... I am PM'ing everyone right now that replied.

  10. Also the welds are sold, and the pass fender is no good and didnt have the MSD box.

    I have a MSD coil, and cap if interested?
  11. how much for the front seat belts and armrest console lid shipped to 24605?
  12. Bump...

    So far only thing gone in the interior is the following...

    door panels
    front seats
    speaker covers
    rear plastic and carpet

    Everything else is available.

  13. trim piece's

    Interested in the interior metal trim piece's. across the top in rear, two side above door's & one across the top of front windshield. Let me know!
  14. Just pulled these off today!! All of these are in good shape, just the passanger side one has a little rust on it. Looks minor, and little sanding should take care of it. $50 shipped for all of it?
  15. Bump... anyone want the dash? Its taking up alot of room in my garage.... make me a offer, and i can ship it. Here are some of the parts that are left...

    Center console
    dirty full carpet set
    Rear hatch with struts and latch
    front brakes calipers and rotors
    both power mirrors
    Fiberglass hood (cobra style with vents, see picture above)
    Eibach blue drag springs
    GT40 upper intake (from explorer)
    aftermarket radiator (maybe not performance, has co. sticker on it, not ford)
    A/C condencer
    ebrake handle
    doors/windows/window motors in good shape
    side mouldings
    side skirts
    GT tails
    MSD cap, and coil
    Rear seats (mint condition)
    Rear seat belts

    Plus some more odds and ends...... let me know what you guys need....

  16. Would you be willing to ship the tranny to 58204?

    Just tranny, not shifter or bellhousing.
  17. Tranny is sold, along with the motor, and rear.
  18. What about cluster? Is it a 140mph cluster?

  19. How much for a center console armrest shipped to 03848?
  20. I have the center console, but not the armrest/storage box. If you still want the center console, let me know.

    Cluster was a 140, but has been sold already.
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