Parting out a 88 GT. 94k original miles

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by Cutter1024, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. Do you still have the passenger rocker ground effect piece? If it's in great condition (no wavy plastic or rips please), let me know what you would sell it for, shipped to zip code 14225.

  2. PM sent regarding ebrake handle
  3. how much for the wiper arm assembly,, i dont need the wipers,,just the assembly that the motor bolts to
  4. Lower A Arm Drivers side????
  5. Interested in upper and lower intake if you still have it.

    Also the hatch depending on the shipping
  6. Would you be willing to ship to supply and return metal fuel lines from the tank to the engine bay to 83854?
  7. I know it was a front driver hit but how is the ground effect piece in front of the front dr wheel? how much for all ground effects shipped to 35771?
  8. Rear wheels

    Hey do you still have the rear tires and wheels from this car I am interested if you still have them. Thanks
  9. whats the price on the carpet and how dirty is it lol shipp to 07201
  10. gt parts

    do you still have trans and clutch do i need the bell housing for this trans what make is the trans you can reach me 360 301 9733
  11. I am intrested in the wing, driver side mirror and also driver side quarter glass.
  12. You still have the drivers side door window? Shipped to 04864 and is the shifter short throw or stock?
  13. I am interested in the center console. Just the console. How much to Houston 77089?
  14. Tail lenses

    How much for the tail lenses and ship them to 46507?
  15. Do you still have the blue eibach drag springs? If so how much shipped to 12302.......
  16. How much for the drag springs and the monster tach? ...and why did u not jus fix the car??
  17. Do you still have the off road h pipe? Is it 2.5" and if so what kind of shape is it in?
  18. still have the wing??
  19. Are you still around? Do you have the dash? And what about wheel well liners?

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  20. How much for the ground effects and rear bumper?
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