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  1. complete part out of a 95 has

    edelbrock performer rpm heads with comp magnum rockers and arp head bolts 900.00for all including hardened pushrods.

    trick flow silver street heat upper and lower intake 225.00 all bolts included

    pro m mass air meter for 24lb injectors sn95 style with 24lb injectors sold

    bbk 65mm sn95 throttle body 75.00

    bbk unequal shorty for sn95 125.00,matching h pipe 50.00

    sn95 5speed trans with bellhousing thats been welded adjustable cable with firewall adjuster.trans doesnt grind and is tight and smooth sold

    8.8 rear with discbrakes and 4:11 gears good posi unit sold

    e303 camshaft 100.00

    rebuildable stock shortblock 175.00 with lifter holders and spider

    black ford racing plug wires 30.00 on has an msd end on it

    5lug front spindles,hubs,rotors,calipers sold

    engergy susp mount 75.00

    maximum motorsports caster cambers sold

    i also have fenders doors anything except interior
  2. ttt updated list and lowered prices
  3. Interested in parts shoot me a pm i think im pretty close to you im on the other side of morristown.
  4. I am interested in the crank and water pump pulleys from this engine, I am interested in the stock pulleys not underdrives let me know of they are for sale and price, thanks scott
  5. I want the trick flow intake mang...PM ME!!!!
  6. I want the headers h pipe throttle body and plug wires, get back to me with where to send money thanks! Ahh, and :poo: if you can make a goodf package deal Il take the heads too. Get back to me.
  7. Pics and specs please im debating on to switch my completely machined gt40 intake and is that price including shipping pm me for my number

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