Parting out complete '89 GT CHEAP!!!

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by zookeeper, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. Since there's too many parts to list, I'll make it short. Send me any requests for any parts you may need and I'll see what I have. I would prefer pickup on larger parts, but will work with you any way you want. Thanks!
  2. Front bumper cover?
  3. Sorry, gonna keep all the body parts needed to make a drag car, but if there's anything else you might need, I have pretty much everything.
  4. need cluster

    Do you have the cluster available? How much shipped to 31775? Thanks
  5. Do you mean the gauge cluster? If so, then it's a 140 mph unit and it's $60+ shipping. It can't cost all that much to ship since it's very light and compact.
  6. seat

    looking for red cloth drivers seat? i need it for my 88 gt
  7. No, the interior is gray cloth, sorry.
  8. lower door trim both sides 1988 mustang gt foxbody

    I am looking for the lower door trim for a 1988 mustang gt foxbody.... I am having trouble locating these parts and am new to the forum scene....If you do not have them ...would you know where i could locate these???Thanks
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by lower door trim. If you mean the interior door panels, yes I have them, but if not, then let me know where the part is on the door and I'm sure I have it. If you mean the outer rubber trim, then sorry, but I'm keeping all exterior body parts. Jim
  10. Here's the gauge cluster. It's in great shape, no scars on the lens and I'm asking $60+$10 shipping.

  11. door panels

    could you post a pic of door panels and kick panels and price to ship them to 97322
  12. I am looking for center counsel with radio/heat part, rear quarter plastic panels (coupe only), A pillers and pretty much and of the plastic pieces.
  13. I'll post some pics and prices of the door panels, center console and kick panels this weekend. BUt be warned, although they are very light, shipping large boxes costs more than small ones.
  14. still have starter, and ground cable to starter relay? thanks
  15. ill take your 140 mph speedo if it is still available? 70 bucks shipped to 20002 correct?

    I got money ready in paypal. let me know asap. thanks
  16. Selling the steering wheel? How much?
  17. Sorry I haven't been answering these, so here goes:

    The starter itself is already gone

    The gauge cluster was listed on ebay, here's the link

    As for the steering wheel, it's gone as well as the column, but I still have the covers and signal switch

    I'll get the pics of the door panels and dash parts posted up tomorrow, again sorry it's taken so long.
  18. the link shows that the listing is been removed?

    I am still interested! Thanks
  19. I don't know why that doesn't work, anyway it's auction #220717583754
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