Parting out complete '89 GT CHEAP!!!

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by zookeeper, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. I am sorry but the auction number u just provided leads me to an ECU not a cluster

    Wondering if you can remove it from ebay and sell it directly to me 70 shipped?

    Let me know.
  2. Here's the right item number 220716794712 and since it's bit up to $77 already I'll probably be letting it finish
  3. Alright then.

    I try to avoid ebay as much as I can.

    Thanks anyway- if you end up not selling it on ebay, just let me know I will be ready to buy. Thanks
  4. How about the visors and door sill plastics? got pics and whats there condition? pm me if its easier.
  5. Are you talking about the sill plates that go over the carpet edge or the door panels?
  6. Yea, the ones that go over the carpet between the kick panel and 1/4 panel trim.
  7. Do you have a hatchback cargo shade cover?
  8. Yes I do, it's gray, how does $40 plus shipping sound? PM me and we'll work it out. Also, I'm sorry I haven't gotten the pictures posted like I promised, but I've had been really busy this week. I'm not listing any parts on ebay for a few days because my wife is have another surgery this week, so all the parts you guys have asked for are still here and I'll do my best to get the pictures out to those who asked. Jim
  9. happen to have a clutch pedal assembly?
  10. Yes I do, how about $60 + shipping?
  11. ill let you know, a buddy of mine just found one local. if it doesnt pan out you and i will definitely do business.
  12. Here's some pics of the heater controls. I don't know if you wanted/needed the controls and face plate only or the entire console. Either way, here are both items
    Both parts look good, no scars or broken tabs


    Here's the backside of the heater controls

    Here's the console. Doesn't look too bad includes a radio delete cover and the gas door, hatch switches


    All parts could use a cleaning, prices are $35 for the heater controls and cover plate and $35 for the console as pictured. Whoever buys either part is responsible for shipping costs.
  13. Here's the door sills, they are in quite good condition, the visors could use a cleaning but are complete and decent. How's $25 for both plus shipping sound?

  14. Also, ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE! I'm a very reasonable guy and am not holding out for every last cent so make an offer on any part of this car. There's not a whole lot left other than interior parts, but if you need some small or obscure part, just ask.
  15. I'm interested in the visors, are they grey? Picture and price? Thanks.
  16. Visors are gray, $15 plus shipping and I'll get you a pic of them either today or tomorrow.
  17. Cargo shade's gone as are the door sill trim parts.
  18. I need the cruise control cable..
  19. Since the car's in boxes, can you describe it to me? I have my '88 GT for reference, but if you can let me know where to look I can see if I have it.
  20. do you still have the o2 sensor harness?
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