Parting out complete '89 GT CHEAP!!!

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by zookeeper, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. Hope this is the right place, but if anyone is looking for ANYTHING on an '89 GT, please let me know. Lots and lots and lots of good stuff and it's all cheap!
  2. Hows the visors? Sunroof?
  3. Visors look good, have a few fingerprints on them, and could use a cleaning, but look good. How's $15 for the pair sound? As for the sunroof, it's gotta stay since I'm saving the basic shell for a drag car.
  4. how much u sell the whole front end for ? fenders grill bumber etc..
  5. do you still have the computer and mass air meter and tubing?
  6. I'm keeping the body parts, sorry.

    As for the mass air stuff, the computer is sold, but I still have the stock airbox, meter and connecting hose plus intake as well as the entire wiring harness.
  7. I'd be interested in the interior. Seats, front and back. Speakers. Etc.
  8. How much for the entire harness front to back? Thanks for your time Craig
  9. I could use the trim metal around between the windoes on both doors & rubber around doors if there any good . IM sure i could get them at any junk yard around here but rather see the small guy get the $$$ let me know what u want$$ what color is the roof liner & roll up door panels door body moldings down driver side if they are srtaight. THanks
  10. Thanks, but I'm keeping the basic body for a drag car so the window trim and side moldings aren't for sale. Headliner is gone, but interior door panels are in decent shape, but not great. If you're still interested, $60 + shipping for the pair, including speaker grilles, armrests and window/door lock switches.
  11. Engine

    What do you have left from the engine? Looking for everything but the block. Radiator to the pumps. It's around a '91 engine that I am working on, going into an 87, if the parts from yours will fit mine I would like to make a deal.
  12. The '91 and '89 5.0 engines are the same. let me know what you need, I've got most of the engine stuff left except the smog parts.
  13. Door panels? Or rear hatch panels? what color and how much?
  14. Gray and which panels do you need? If you mean the side and rear panel that goes across the rear, how's $40+shipping sound?
  15. Still have seats? Kick Panels?
  16. Air Inlet Parts Needed for 5.0

    Hi - still have the air intake setup? I have the stock silencer, need everything else up to the throttle body. Air box, snorkel, etc. How much shipped to WI, 54952? Thanks - Perry
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