Parting out mint '87 TC. Anyone need conversion parts?

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  1. This is the official 'part out' thread! I scored on this beauty with the intent of turning it over for a small profit however, the State of California had different ideas! I thought the paperwork was gonna be fairly straightforward (I've done this a million times). wrong I was! The car needs a clutch and the E6 is cracked in half but other than that it's in great condition! Between the required paperwork and repairs, it was gonna be cost prohibitive to turn it over so I decided to part it out. Everything.....and I mean everything is for sale! I've already sold a couple of chunks of rear quarter panel. This beauty is gonna live on in the Turbo Coupe world! On to the particulars................

    1987 TC with the raven interior. 5-spd w/3.55 rear. This is a rust free California car that was owned since the early 90's by a middle aged woman. Judging by the condition of the paint and interior I have to surmise this was a garaged car. Whenever there was any problem, she took it to a shop to get repaired. Everything works on this car. Lights, switches, buzzers, chimes, dual power seats and windows are quick and crisp. Motor has 209K but fires on the first kick and runs smooth. A little blue smoke out of the tailpipes is standard on a high mileage motor. Here's a quick video I made of the motor running (disregard the yellow vac line)............

    John's '87 Turbo Coupe - YouTube

    I'm not on this board much anymore so the best way to get ahold of me is [email protected]

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    Here's a few prices:

    Complete motor intercooler to oilpan - $250.
    If it doesn't go relatively soon, I'll sell individual motor pieces.

    T5 trannys (I've got 3 of 'em) - $125 ea.

    Rearend 3.55:1 complete - $175.

    LA3 ECU - $75. - SOLD

    Spare set of browntops - $45. - SOLD

    Complete T5 conversion kit w/o tranny (pedals, bell, slave cyl, all brackets/plates/etc.) - $150.

    Large VAM - good and working - $50.

    Front header panel (bare) - perfect - $65.

    Fenders - mint - $45 ea.

    Hood - mint - $50.

    Deck lid - mint - $45.

    Taillights - excellent condition - $50 ea.

    A million brackets/braces/parts, interior pieces, small and large, pretty much everything! I'll probably have the car for a couple of weeks before the shell goes to the crusher so put your orders in now!

    I will try to provide pics of most parts.

    All prices DO NOT include shipping. Most small parts will be shipped US Postal Service. Some parts may go FedEx if they're cheaper. I tend to stay away from UPS unless requested. I can and will ship some of the larger sheetmetal pieces via Greyhound (usually fairly cheap).

    Motor and rearend will be pickup only unless you wanna pay for shipping.

    I accept Paypal ([email protected]), money orders and good old american cash.
    Anyone paying with Paypal please add 3%. I'm not gonna fund the CEO's golden parachute!

    Let the games begin!
  2. How much to send me that Large VAM (and flex hose if it has no holes :D) to 37769?
  3. It's a good functional and working VAM for $50 + $16 shipping. The hose has been spoken for, sorry.
  4. I would be interested in the headlights, and the seats, particularly the drivers seat. Shipping to 84065.
  5. Cool. Can you shoot me a PM or e-mail me at [email protected] to let me know where to send $$ and give you my address? I don't do paypal, so I'm hoping a post office money order will be ok. Thanks!
  6. dont suppose you would be interested in selling whole, if so how much and where are you
  7. im in need of one of them t5 trans..if you still have and nothing is wrong internal.