Expired Parting Out My 1995 Mustang Gt

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  1. I have a very clean triple black 1995 Mustang GT with no motor. I will sell any parts from it that you want. Non-OEM parts include a 1996-1998 cobra hood and bumper, retro style 17x8 rims tubular AJE k-member, upgraded front brakes, adjustable rear control arms, AOD transmission (2600 stall) and an aftemarket radio. Also, the seats were recently re-covered, and the console was modified to accept a coffee cup and drink holder.

  2. It's a shame to see a Pony that clean get dismembered ..... doesn't anyone have an engine to give this guy?? :shrug:
  3. Thanks TMI. If someone wants to be charitable and provide an engine, then the car will live and be sold as a running car.

    It is hard seeing it be cannibalized like this, but my wife made me choose between the Stang and my other project car: a black 1967 Fairlane convertible with a 390 FE motor ... there were only 1400 of them made like that. I simply could not let the Fairlane go.

    So this is what I need to do to keep my promise to the wife to get rid of the Stang after getting the Fairlane, and finance finishing the restoration of that car. I keep telling myself it will live on by helping other people's cars be better.

    By the way, the one thing off the Stang's engine that I still have is the polished AC compressor and associated hoses.
  4. Did you sell the chassis yet?
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