Parting out; Supercharged 03 Mach1

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by NEA, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. Selling a 2003 mach1 4.6 engine with 52k miles complete from intake to oilpan with a Vortech V-2 supercharger included and already mounted onto the motor. The engine is out of a 5spd Mach1 so it does come with the steel crank. Everything in perfect running condition and still in car for anyone wanting to hear it run before I start pulling it out as I'm stripping the car down for parts.

    Mach1 motor complete with supercharger $old!

    5spd trans $450.00

    04 GT 8.8 rearend complete with brakes $400.00

    Please feel free to contact me direct for any other additional pics or faster reply at; [email protected]
  2. Would you sell just the vortech setup and if so how much?
  3. Sure, $2300 for the complete vortech supercharger kit or $2800 for it all including a vortech aftercooler kit that hasn't been installed on the mach yet.
  4. Engine & supercharger are SOLD!
  5. Is the 5 spd trans manual? And if so, does it include all the parts I would need to switch out my automatic on my 03 mustang gt?
  6. 3650? shipped to 19425? please pm me
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Not open for further replies.