Parting with my 73 coupe- super good deal

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  1. Well... its time to get something i can drive every day. i will have all the rest of my life to get another classic mustang, need a better all around car right now.

    1973 Coupe, H code
    Numbers matching, no rust, never wrecked, i have all original parts, including what i took off to put on aftermarket (manifolds,etc). many extra parts too, like plastic peices and trim. Super Super clean car, original vynle top never been changed. Only has a few minor chips in paint, and a tiny tear in the seam of the drivers seat. Original AM/FM radio, and also have original AM radio too. A/C not on car, but i have it to give also. Center console not in car but it has a working clock to go with the car. Original wheels and caps too, but 14x6 mags on car. Also have Extra Bumper, Extra grant steering wheel, Stock wheel, and Extra holley 600cfm carburetor comes with teh buy as well. Way too many things goin with this sale to list, but ill try later.

    Heres some specs i wrote out on my site:

    351 Cleveland 2v Heads

    ----Transmission and Differential:
    FMX 3 speed automatic transmission, Ford 9 inch 2.75 open differential

    ----Body: Medium Brown Metallic, Dark Brown Vynle roof

    ----Interior: Ginger Vynle seats, Ginger interior


    Edelbrock Performer Intake manifold, Edelbrock 1405 600cfm Carburetor, K&N Air Filter

    RV Midrange cam, Engine Balanced and Blueprinted, 8.5:1 Compression, 2v open chamber cylinder heads.

    Hooker Competition Headers, 2.5 inch pipes, Magnaflow X-pipe, Flowmaster 2 Chamber mufflers with turndowns

    Mallory Unilite Distributor, Motorcraft 7.5mm Plug wires, Autolite Spark Plugs gapped at .045"

    Heavy duty anti-sway bars front and rear, Lakewood Traction Bars

    Some things may be different, im in a hurry now. Im located in San Bernardino County, CA. Oh and Engine has about 15,000 miles on it.

    Price is $12,000 Or Best Offer

    Email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

    See pics of car at

    If you have questions, ill be happy to answer them. And if u want more pics i can take some more. thanks!

  2. First off this ISNT a classified section. We have a section to post your adds, they do not belong here. :notnice: Also I think ur being a WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE bit optimistic on price. It's a hardtop of the bigbody style...i've had 2 and I can tell you unless you find someone blind and call it a Boss ur not going to get near that much money for it. Maybe half of what your asking for it. I'd expect a fully restored almost show quality one to go around 7-8 on a good day. I've saw nice ones in town though sell for 3-4. Alot of this is due to small demand of the big'ns but oh well that's good for the people like me who love them and want them cheap. So I'd rethink the asking price if you want some bites.
  3. Tiresmoker is right about the classifieds. That's why i'm closing the thread. As to the price, you could easily get that out here for a 'finished' coupe in a different color combination (i.e. red, blue, or yellow). Brown isn't a hot or popular color combination. Good luck with the sale though.
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