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  1. Hey all, it's been a long time, hope all is well and everyone's been safe. Long story, but a friend lost control, taking my baby into a dirt lot, some large divits...causing both airbags to go off, busting rack and pinion, subframe damage, and front frame bend. Of course insurance is totaling because mainly cost of airbags, and bent frame. Car has no body damage at all. Here's the car in a nut shell. I ordered new in 2000, has 70,000 miles. Here's the mod list that I did myself, except for the gears, paid a shop.
    Dark Atlantic Midnight Blue (only made 1999 and 2000 I believe)
    Kenne Bell twin screw SC installed at 60,000..dyno 412 rwhp, 410rwtq
    Ford Mach 1 hood
    Ford Mach 1 scoop (made bracket, to fit, doesn't function because of KB cold air intake, but looks awesome)
    Ford smoked headlamps
    Eibach Springs
    Ford racing 3.73 gears
    18'chrome saleen wheels
    tri-ax short shifter
    Ford 2004 cobra seats fron and back, immaculate shape. Grey on black
    Ford Bullitt shift knob,shift ring.
    Autometer replacement factory gauges, with matching autometer boost and fuel pressure gauges installed under stereo.
    Bassani X-pipe
    Slp loudmouth from X-pipe back
    I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting...anyway I'll probably be selling the car as a whole..with a salvaged title..I live in las the car will probably have to be shipped..can't be driven with current damage.
    Contact me with any inquires or to get pictures emailed.
    Thanks...and looks like now it's time for me to buy the GT500 :)....but I'll miss my pristine baby :(
  2. car

    How much ???
  3. As is, I'd like to get $5000
  4. Will do, going to go take some pics today!!!
  5. Pics Sent!!!!
  6. Would you be able to part with just your exhaust? Or maybe even just the X-pipe back? Thanks
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Not open for further replies.