Parts for sale!!! Cleaning out the garage, Some great deals here!!! Heads, Nitrous

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by hollywoodstang, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. Please check out the latest page for the update on parts for sale. Thanks
  2. What do you want for the intake?
  3. Are the Edelbrock heads and the Ford Racing rockers new? How much shipped to 17042 (Pa)? I'll PM my email to you. Thanks, kip
  4. reply asap

    very interested in intake, roller rockers, and gears....whts the price for those three items....if reasonable, need them asap.....
  5. UPDATE~
    More stuff added on. please check it out and give me your best offer

    86-95 Mustang Ford Racing 1.7 PEDESTAL Roller Rockers (NOT 1.7 COBRAS) NEW! got it for $430 NEW. will take $300

    94-95 COBRA J4J1 computer (Came out of 95 cobra with 17,000 miles) Expensive new...will take $250

    96-98 Non-PI heads, cams, valves. complete (40K miles form my white vert), will take $100

    94-95 Hooker off-road H pipe for shorty/factory style headers, Paid $200+ new, will take $100

    94-95 Mustang Cobra Axles 28 spline original ford with less then 1000 miles on it, NOT 10000!!! Replace your worn out ones where the bearing rides, or for fox doing 5 lug conversion will take $100

    RICHMOND 4:10 gears real low miles, will take $80

    94-95 Mustang Cobra Polished Throttle Body Adapter 5.0, Like new, will take $80

    Edelbrock 1.90/1.60 Pedestal rocker mount Polished heads (int & exht ports also cleaned up and smoothed out) New $1600+, Will sell for $1200 FIRM

    84-95 Mustang 5.0 Energy Suspension Engine Mounts, Slightly used, very low miles, will take $100 OBO

    85-04 Mustang Saleen Aluminum Rack Bushings, Slightly used, will take $20

    79-04 Mustang Billet Oil Separator, NEW will take $60

    03-04 Mustang cobra pinion flange, NEW will take $20

    1995 Cobra R custom(for 87-95 Mustangs) competition oil cooler with Earl's SS lines and billet adapter, Like new, will take $400

    I will revise the listings every time parts get sold~TEXT me your best offer, I will Reply ASAP @ 818-471-3468

  6. 4:10's SOLD!

  7. are the axles for a disk or a drum set up as im doing a 5 lug swap thanks scotty 256 394m 6044
  8. EVERYTHING Has Been SOLD! Sorry
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