Parts Needed for Gear Install?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 300hpWRX, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. What do I need other than the gears to install these?

    I just ordered 4.10's.
    I know I need the speedo gear, but what else?
    And where can I get it?
  2. you need M4209G410 (410 gears) and some 75w140 synthetic rear end fluid, and either a chip or speedo kit. i have heard some mention an installation kit but the place that is going to put mine in did not mention that at all, maybe its just included in their labor charge or i have heard that the FRPP gears come with everything you need, hence why everyone chooses them. :D
  3. two tubes gear oil, and some friction modifier wouldn't hurt. You need a special size socket to take the pinion shaft off of the drive shaft. local auto parts store should have that, I don't remember what size though. You will probably also have to have a machine shop remove, and or press the bearings back on the pinion shaft. I just reused mine, and also the same spacers as stock. they whine a little, but don't most people. Be sure to mark your driveshaft before you take it off, or it might be out of balance when you put it back together. MAKE sure and torque the ring bolts when you get it all back in, or you might find one trying to blow out of your rear diff cover. Trust me on that! If I left out anything someone here will know what you need. But the kit does come with all of the spacers you could possibly need probably like ten different thicknesses. Good luck. If you don't mind having your speedometer off some, don't bother with a speedo gear, but they are easy to install. Be careful with your abs sensors they are plastic, and will break. once again good luck :nice: