Parts needed for PI intake swap (PICS INSIDE)

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  1. where do you take the intake to get it tapped for the other sensor?? because I will most likley need to do this unless I want to ditch my autometer gauge that I installed into the block plug.....

    also can you give us an estimate on the other parts that are far as cost....??

    and what year does that aluminum crossover come on?? I don't rmember seeing it on NPI intakes? and some PI intakes..
  2. My 01 intake doesn't have it. all plastic. BTW, anyone in the market for a low miles PI upper and lower intake off an 01 GT?
  3. IP Intake

    Scrody thanks for posting this great info on the PI intake swap. :nice:
  4. I am interested yes.....was looking for one with the crossover...but would consider yours....PM me what your looking to get..
  5. the aluminum crossover was put in place in mid-2001 in response to the TSB going out on cracked coolant passages. NPI and pre 11/01 (or so) PI intakes are all plastic.

    the machined area beside the water neck was placed there specifically to place the 2nd temp sensor (as seen on NPI intakes). if you have a drill press you can pick up the required 27/64ths (i think) cobalt drill bit and 3/8ths NPT tap from NAPA for about $30. If you dont have access to a drill press, shoot me a pm and i can do it for you.

    Now for my question: i originally had a 99 engine i swapped into my 98. now i have a NEW 2001 engine with the newer PI intake. will the 4-bolt alternator bracket shown above match up with my 3-bolt 98 alternator?
  6. I used this new bracket with my old '98 Altenator with no problems. Once you put the altenator on the bottom bolts, the bracket goes over the top of the back end of the altenator, then bolted to the PI intake. So, the bottom of the U bracket gets bolted to the PI intake and the little bump is what gets bolted to the top of the altenator Also the wire looms are secured to this one just like the old one, although it sits higher than the stocker. Saves some install time compared to having to use the old bracket that would need to be marked and drilled, although not a big deal if you want to save the 8 bucks or so.
  7. Is that an open invitation? :D

    I've got a crossover in need of tapping, and I'm guessing that this not something one should attempt with a power drill?
  8. what about using a t-fitting instead or tapping? :shrug:

  9. yup. that's open. I'd would be a shame to have spent $30 for a tap and bit and only use it once. just send the $3 or so it would cost to ship it back. PM me or email me at [email protected]

    rysred96GT: i am currently using the t-fitting with the 99 motor i have in the car, and it doesnt give very accurate readings. instead of the coolant flowing across a submerged sensor, it has to flow straight up and then each direction in order to hit both sensors (something that is not very feasible for the coolant to do). i can actually drive the car about 10-15 minutes before the temp gauge moves at all.
  10. PS. i can even powdercoat it for you if you want (black, red, blue, yellow, black chrome or clear coat for now...)
  11. can you tap my Tstat housing? :D i'll give you my lunch money. i dont think i have a tap and die set here....i might though, not sure.
  12. i could, but i dont know if there is enough metal for the snesor to bite down when you put it in... :shrug:
  13. i measured it and it's a 5/8" sensor and needs a 37/64" tap :shrug:

    also, for those who did it, how much of power gains did you feel? :D
  14. Correction: it is a 37/64 drill bit (i typoed the first time), but it is a 3/8 NPT tap for a 3/8 NPT sensor.
  15. I can only give you an answer from an SOTP point of view with the PI cams installed, which I believe work well with the PI intake. Prior to installing PI cams, my car seemed to level off at approx. 5krpm. With the PI cams installed the power level was raised to 5500rpm and also felt additional torque throughout the rev band.

    Adding the PI instake, the power band has been raised up to approx. 6krpm. I've even bumped off the rev limiter this past week, which never happened before. Didn't notice anything below ~3krpm, as I did with the PI cams, but above that it pulls real hard.
  16. Has anyone modified the original brack on the 98? The local motorsports dealer here doesn't have one in stock and I will be having this done on Weds because my stock intake is cracked! I also don't know exactly where this bracket goes. Does it bolt to the top of the pi intake and then onto the top of the alternator?
  17. I modified mine. Just drill new holes in the original bracket. Takes a couple of minutes.
  18. Some early PI intakes don't have the aluminum crossover. If the PI intake you have doesn't have an aluminum crossover, instead of drilling I think you can get a "Y" conector to put both sensors out of the same hole. Ask Randy about that.

    If you have a NPI intake with aluminum crossover and are going to replace it with a PI intake with aluminum crossover, you should be able to reuse the aluminum crossover from the NPI intake instead of tapping the new one.

    I don't think the fuzzy cat is required... :D
  19. Quick question for you guys? What would happen if you only install 1 temp sensor and leave the second one out. Will it only be that you dont get the temp reading on your gauges? Thanks
  20. Is there a writeup anywhere on how to do this? :shrug: