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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by JW78, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. Greetings Folks.

    Looking for help with the following parts:

    -Passenger Side Brake Caliper bracket
    -C4 torque Converter and/or 157T flexplate
    -E-brake cable
    -Front / Rear Bumpers

  2. What's your location? Some people won't repond unless they are relitively close to you. Try to avoid dealing with shipping, ya know. :rolleyes:

    I believe you can still purchase the e-brake cable new over the counter at just about an parts house. I'm willing to bet Raybestos is still making them.

    Now do you need the Mustang II TQ converter for the 141 Tooth flexplate? Or for the 157T flexplate? The Mustang II has it's own size and bolt pattern for the Torque Converter and flexplate. Just want to be sure.
    Or do you mean you need either the 141's TQ converter or a 157T flexplate to match the TQ converter you you already have?
  3. Thanks for the input Dan.

    Need the 157T flexplate and converter (302 and c4 came from a 1970 1/2 falcon donor... alot of sledgehammer work ensued).
  4. Yeah I think I'm gonna be too far away to be able to get you any good deals. Shipping is so ridiculous these days.

    But now that you've got your location up there, hopefully somebody closer to you will respond.

    That 157T flexplate you need should be easily had at your local parts store. I know Napa's got 'em. As far as torque converts, they may have one but I've been buying mine from There are people on E-bay selling these converters. I've been rinning these in a couple of my cars and they're been good converters so far. Can't really beat the price.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.