Partshopper SUCKS

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  1. I ordered wheels on March 21st and paid the $60 for shipping by UPS ground. There was no tracking number provided, but it said that since it was drop shipped direct from the manufacturer, there was none.

    I waited a week: Monday then didn't come, and Tuesday they didn't either. I called Partshopper and asked where they were? He said that he would contact the manufacturer and get back to me on my cell. Nope, that didn't happen. The next day I called again (because they still hadn't come) and I was told the EXACT same thing. Thursday I called again and got the same bull****. I finally called for the FOURTH time on Friday and I finally got an answer saying that the order was lost in the warehouse and they are very sorry for the problem. They said the order would be shipped out 3-day express and would be here no later than Tuesday (it went out (supposedly) on Friday). I thought: :banana:

    Yesterday (Monday) rolls around and the wheels still aren't here (which is OK... Tuesday at the latest he said). And now, Tuesday, the wheels are nowhere in sight. I call up partshopper about two hours ago and he says "OK let me contact the manufacturer and get back to you." I said OK. He still hasn't called back.

    This is RIDICULOUS. The wheels are now over a WEEK late. I did NOT pay $60 for them to take over two weeks to ship. Completely unacceptable. Partshopper better get their act together.

    edit: Oh, and I ordered tires from TireRack on the same day and they have been waiting at the shop for a week and a half now. Bull****.

  2. These wheels are shipped directly from the Manufacturer. Thus once shipped we are provided with tracking. You were invoiced, we were invoiced by the manufacturer and told they had shipped, but no number given.

    Since the time you have asked us, we have, and are still contacting the manufacturer to get tracking.

    At this point we have been told they have shipped but have not gotten the tracking information from the manufacturer.

    As hard as you have tried to get the tracking #, we have tried twice as hard.

    This was an oversite from a warehouse standpoint and we have done everything within our powers to get it taken care of.

    Sorry this has happened, but we have done our best to get it resolved.

    We have been serving you guys here on the boards for over 6 years, with outstanding service I must say. Things do happen and we do our best to make it right.

    With that said, there is a team of 3 people trying to get you taken care of.

  3. Well at least now I know that I am being taken care of. I had no idea that Partshopper actually looked at these forums, which is a big plus in my book.

    I think that the thing that pisses me off the most, though, is that I was never called back, not once.

    Otherwise, I realize it's a problem with the manufacturer and that you guys don't ship the wheels. I would like it if the information of the manufacturer could be provided to the buyer, this way Partshopper doesn't have to be the middleman and take all this crap from people like me.

  4. At the time of your first post, your wheels had already been delivered 16 minutes prior.

    Check the mail room. ;)

  5. I love PartShopper- ordered my steeda tri-ax, and magnaflow catless x-pipe from them- extremely reliable and fast shippers, with tracking, for me!!!! :flag:
  6. Woohoo!!! Awesome. I got them and let me say that these wheels are GORGEOUS. They are now mounted and balance and ride like a dream :)

    The finish of the wheels are outstanding and were shipped with lots of protection, including mesh covers for the wheels. The center caps were covered with plastic to prevent scratching and all 4 wheels were in seperate boxes (as opposed to some companies that put 2 in 1 box). EXCELLENT.

    It would've been perfect had they been shipped out, but I don't care anymore, I HAVE MY WHEELS!! :banana:

  7. where's the pics!?!?!