Passenger Floor Wet

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  1. OK, I've got water coming in from the AC, its not draining through the firewall like it should. I've already unclogged it with a coat hangar and blew it out with air. That fixed it for a little bit, but now its clogged again. Is there any way to access the drain from the HVAC box side so I could pull out all the gunk thats in it? Preferably without pulling apart the entire dash.

  2. I had the same issue in my 97 gt. But my big issue was that I did a 32v mark swap so I couldnt reach the outside drain even. Sorry to be the person with bad news but I looked everywhere and ended up pulling the dash out. If u found a way I could use the advice but I had no luck.
  3. Should be a hose on the passenger side of the firewall. Also, has the heater core been ruled out?
  4. Heater core is solid, and I still havent had time/ambition to pull the dash out yet. So far I'm dealing with it by using a towel to soak up the condensation whenever I use the AC.
  5. I don't have the same car as what is being discussed here but....

    Is there NOT a condenser drain that can be cleaned up from engine bay? I ran safety wire from a hand drill to clean the one out in my Fox.
  6. There is a drain, but every time I clear it it works for a day or two at most.
  7. Has this car been in a wreck? Any creases in the firewall sheet metal especially around the AC drain?

  8. Ok... Now we have something to work with. How much access to this drain do you actually have?
  9. If I get a coat hanger and squeeze my arm in the engine bay I can barely get down near it. Not a whole lot of space to get to it.
  10. Look into getting something like this:


    It doesn't have to be this fancy. Anything that you can use to force fluid back through that tube.

    Lay a fluid proof mat down on your floor. Pump pure bleach back up that tube and let it sit for a couple hours.
    Drain it and root it once more.