Suspension Passenger Side Steering Rack Has Play

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  1. well I got the toe set pretty damn good for eyeballing. Doesnt pull at all.

    Figured If I get this 5 lug swap I might as well wait until its all on before I do an alignment.

    And good call with the new calipers, I will look into that.
  2. I made a thread on here explaining my experience if you wanna check it out...
  3. Don't let the lack of pull lull you into thinking the toe is OK ;)
  4. haha, oh its getting aligned
  5. The axle bearing on the opposite side of where the noise is coming from is normally the culprit.
  6. It's the bearing on the opposite side of the direction you're turning that's the problem. A bad passenger side bearing will make noise when you turn left, but it won't magically transfer its noise to the drivers side.
  7. Correct. That's what I meant- you explained it better.
  8. is this going to cause a catastrophic failure if I continue to drive on it for a little while?

    Not gonna be a ton of miles but I drive it to and from school so I just dont want to mess anything up too bad before I swap rear ends
  9. Anythings possible. ...if it's the axle bearings they could seize up, thus seize that size of the axle, then possibly seizing up the rear end, destroying the tranny and drive train in the process...or if only one side seizes up, depending on you speed, could cause you to spin out...

    Now, these are just hypothetical scenarios, but still possible. ...

    But, would I keep driving it? Yes, I probably would, because it's my car and I know how my car is supposed to feel when driving...which is why it's important to know exactly how your car acts on any given day...

    I know that my car idles around 1300rpm for about a mile on a cold day, but I expect that now, so it doesn't concern me...

    So, basically, just keep an ear open and look for slight signs of it getting worse, like constant noise or vibration that wasn't there before, which will be easier now that I know your steering is much tighter now that you fixed the inner tie rod....

    Probly 75% of the mustang owners on here can tell you every little sound and smell their car makes, like my e-brake handle rattling, and can self diagnose their cars better than any shop can....

    So, what I'm saying, is yes, it is possible...but you know your car the best and should be able to make a sound judgment call on whether or not to drive it...
  10. Thanks and I know exactly what you mean. Ive only had the car a short while but im already learning its nuances.

    I drove around a little bit yesterday and the noise it is making is sporadic at best.

    Its an audible clicking noise and pretty much only at lower speeds while coasting or turning. Doesnt make any whirring or typical whining noise associated with a wheel bearing. I know the axle bearing is a different beast but from everything I read it makes a similar noise to a bad wheel bearing.

    Im going to jack it up and see of there is any play in the wheel iself.
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  11. You also need to double cgeck the c-clip while you're at it...I doubt it's related, but it's good to check them out because I've heard stories of them breaking or coming loose and ppl losing their spindles...
  12. Well something to note. When test driving the car and the first week the car didnt make any noises. Then once I pulled off rear wheels to adjust the rear brakes the noise started.

    I jacked it up and there is no play at all in the rear wheel. All lugs are torqued.

    After driving it today the noise only occured once while turning and it was brief.
  13. If it didn't become noticeable till you did the brakes then it very well may have something to do with them...
  14. Yeah stupid drum brakes. Just need to swap to sn95 and be done with it.
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  15. problem solved

    it was the ebrake line rubbing on the inside of the wheel. :oops:
  16. Nice...glad to hear you got everything figured out...
  17. thanks

    it was getting really loud today so I looked at it and could see some wear marks on the cable, so I just kinda bent it out a little and all is good now. Very happy.