Passenger Torque Box Question in 67

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  1. I'm putting in a TB on the passenger side. The box adds height onto one of the frame rail flanges.
    How are you handling the difference in height? Are you welding a shim onto the other flange to even them up, or forcing the toeboardto conform to the difference?

  2. I put one in when I replaced my floorpan, and of course I put the torque box in first, then laid the toe board on top of it and spot welded it to the torque box. Dont know if that helps or not. I also had to install it in two pieces. I had to drill the spot welds on the new torque box to separate it and then modify it a bit, but it all got in there with minimal fuss. But unfortunately it was not a simple "stick it up there and weld it in" procedure.
  3. Did your torque box come with 1 piece or 2 pieces? I ended up installing the dynacorp brand which came with 2 pieces, but not sure what you are referring to. Could you send us a pic of what you are talking about?
  4. I seperated the torque box into two pieces.
    Here I have it clamped and screwed into place.
    The top of the box spot welds to one side of the frame rail flange so that makes it higher than the other side by the thickness of the torque box steel
    (16 gauge I think)

  5. Have you tried mounting it under the frame rail instead of over like what you did? This guy on his website shows he mounted it under the frame rail (Mike's 68 Mustang project). My toe board was fine so I didn't remove it and ended up mounting it under the frame rail. It went in fine for me.
  6. Interesting thought putting it underneath.
    I will keep that in mind when I mock it all up
  7. I did mine just like the pic up there only I mounted mine under the frame rail, I had to do some grinding on that one side of it, but it worked. I had to split mine in half like that too by drilling out the spot welds.
  8. I installed the one piece TB over the frame rail and pulled the toeboard down to the frame rail. You can't really see the deformation of the toeboard though.
  9. I installed the one piece and came up form below that is how the one on the drivers side was installed form the factory.
  10. Ugh, my memory is going bad. Went back and looked at the pictures I took during the install - I came up from below like Jester67 did:

  11. My drivers side TB was mounted above the flange
    In hindsight, I guess it doesn't really matter since there will always be an offset either with the flange or the torque box.
    I think I will go on top and pull it down to the other flange
  12. I looked at my picture collection again, and my original driver's side was also installed above the flange like yours.

    Like you said, no matter what you do there will be an offset. :shrug:
  13. I rechecked and mine was under QC in the 60. My 67 is a very late unit end of Auguest with a 68 roof nuts for shoulder belts and some other 68 stuff that was coming down the line.
  14. After fitting it up on top of the flange, I noticed that the right flange is a tad bit higher than the left, so I refit it with it under the flange.
    It fits really well and that's how I ended up installing it.


  15. Looks good!