1. Ugly. I hate when people paint their cars to appear as if it has "patina" it is such bs and a waste. Always remember fellas it is easier for a rich man to act like a poor man than for a poor man to act like a rich man.
  2. Haaa, I like!
  3. An after though: patina'd items may look well as art but not on an automobile it just comes of as a pile of rust, a pile of rust that someone spent a pretty penny to make
  4. Everyone has their own tastes man. Would I spend the money on a fake patina paint job, no... But I do like the way an old classic truck looks if left all worn out on the outside, but built underneath.
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  5. I agree on an old car 50's or below
  6. The guys on Fast and Loud clear over all the rust and oxidation to keep the barn-find look. IMHO it works on a few rat rods, but I really think taht painting or acid fading a new car to look older is lame.
  7. The mechanic on fast n loud looks like a meth addict
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  8. everyone on that show does.
  9. Don't worry, in the future we will look back and wonder.... "what the fugg were we thinking! :ie Fast and Furious!

  10. Please.... it's a "reality show" aka fake/staged/rigged/phony. Notice whenever he takes one of his cars to an auction he loses his ass,but somehow always manages to make huge $$$ selling to his friends and shills. I wouldn't let those ass clowns work on my lawnmower.
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  11. @90lxwhite - In all seriousness and just out of plain curiosity, how old are you?
  12. I'm fed up w "reality" and all those shows bout buying and selli ng junk. Sign of the times I guess, economy sucks so pawn yer chit.
  13. Turned 31 in july
  14. @hoopty how does one become an "advanced" member and do you list it on your résumé?
  15. I know I do. It got me 5% off at Chucky Cheeze too. lol
  16. everyone of the Discovery Channel shows is crap. even sharkweek was forced over dramatized. I miss Monster Garage and the first two seasons of American Chopper. The formula back then worked.
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  17. My commander status got me 20 free tokens and a free pizza. still not allowed in the ball pit though..:( they still havent forgiven me for the last time.
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  18. Had the kiddos 2nd bday a chuckee cheese and 150 tickets gets u a small plastic slinky and sum gum. Oh and I know we're straying off patina but since we are talkin tv; I turned on today and found out I lost the speed chan and it was replaced fox sports. Oh well most the it was lame NASCAR stuff anyway but sum shows I liked.
  19. speed channel is all NASCAR or those 30 minute infomercials that are disguised under clever names like 2 Guys Garage, or Gearz.
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  20. No idea, maybe a question for noobz. But now that I know that I get 5% off at CC, I know whats for dinner tonight. :banana: