Forced Induction Paxton Novi 2000 Custom Oil Return Line, May Work On Vortec As Well.

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  1. I have had the supercharger for about 10 years or so now. As many people have had issues with the return line leaking at the point it enters the oil pan or the line itself starts to leak.

    Well it is a huge problem with a Paxton supercharger because the relocation of the alternator IS RIGHT NEXT TO THE OIL RETURN LINE!

    Needless to say oil got into 2 alternators and fried them, now I cannot drive the car due to the fear of this line leaking again.

    First step was done while I had the engine out and was able to weld the original bung directly into the oil pan.

    Second was to research what parts I will be replacing. Luckily I still had the original install guide. Too bad the parts listed in the install manual do not match the parts that were actually shipped with the product :)

    Here is my current parts list (may change once I remove the SC head unit this weekend)

    • Part# 1 - 8 AN to 3/8 NPT Straight Fitting (from pro series) 4.49 on Ebay
    • Part# 2 - 8 AN Braided Stainless Steel Fuel Line Hose 3ft (I wont use it all) $12.66 Ebay
    • Part# 3 - 2x 8 AN Hose End 90 Degree (from Russell) (Part# 610170) $20.98 total on Ebay

    The only part I am questionable about is part# 1. The manual tells my there is a 90 degree fitting that comes out of the supper charger but there is really just a straight fitting that a hose can clamp on to.

    This will be a leak proof 3 piece system to replace the current hose "clamp and pray" 4 piece + 2 clamp return line.

    I will try to post more and show the old and new line side by side.
  2. I spelled vortech wrong :)
  3. Good right up. I don't like those tap in setups on the stock oil pan. They always leak.

  4. I made the line last night everything fits great, Part 1 is now optional because the novi kit already has that peice installed in it. So you can save 5 bucks.
    I'll take some pics of it installed tomorrow.
  5. I do not have any where to post the pics, but all of my leaking issues are gone for good.

    I was able to drive the car confidently in 3 years :)

    The blower belt is now back on :)

    A few hours of tuning and she will be back to her former glory.