1. I was paying for my UPR O/R X pipe on ebay. I clicked credit card payment on the invoice and put in all my info. Clicked confirm payment which directed me to paypal. I logged in and confirmed then it took the money out of checking rather than CC. Overdrafted. This really sucks becuase I have a couple bills coming out automatically in a few days.
  2. user error bro! Suck it up and learn from you mistake.

    I did before and ended up taking too much from my account. Ended up oweing my bank money :/ at the end of the mess. Just from a simple mistake i had to pay the bank so much money!
  3. Put the amount you need into your accuont, then call your bank up and tell them what you told us..many banks are willing to forgive overdrafts, at LEAST once. Mine has done it for me on a few occasions, but Im with a credit union.
  4. when making a paypal payment, you have the option to change your backup funding source for that particular payment. +1 User error
  5. or how about accepting payment from someone only to have them cancel all the charges on their card, inturn having paypal reverse their payments a month or so later making your account negative :fuss: i hate paypal
  6. I use paypal all the time but won't link a bank account to it.
  7. -1 on the user error

    I did the same thing with my wheels. It looks like it was going to use the CC, instead it ADDED the CC, then took the $250 out of paypal and the other $434 out of my bank account. Caused it to overdraft and charged me $120 in insufficient fund fees. Luckily my bank removed the fees because of the situation. I think it's misleading on PayPal's part to take your credit card informatoin then not use it. It was apparently an "instant transaction" and the seller didn't have to approve it first. Fortunately the seller refunded the payment and I paid via CC over the phone. However, PayPal HELD the refund until my band funds cleared paypal. Even after the refund I had to re-transfer the funds BACK to my bank account.

    Total Processing Time: 5 days for paypal to get the $$ even though it clearned the bank in 2 days then another 4 days to get it back in to the bank after I finally figured out that they didn't auto-refund back to the bank account.
  8. Paypal does use the credit card information as a back up funding source just in case your bank denies the ACH on your checking account.

    I had to open a new account because they reversed a payment I made and was holding it in my paypal account. They told me I was going to have to wait 6 months. Meanwhile the seller did not have the money and neither did I. I had to dispute the charge to get it back. I opened another paypal account and paid my seller. All this because a previous roomate accumulated a negative balance on his account. I guess it was because we used the same ISP.
  9. They don't tell you that when you put it in. It just says, "here ya go! pay with your CC!"
  10. it says other funding options when you are "checking out" and confirming payment. It is 100% user error if it is done wrong.
  11. Thats what it said pretty much. I was checking out on the invoice that was given to me from the seller. I put in all of my CC info on the buyers invoice then clicked confirm on the invoice. That lead me to the paypal login page. I logged in and confirmed the payment and it took the payment out of my checking. I want to know why the hell i had to put in all of my CC info on the sellers invoice then it sent me to paypal only to take it out of checking????

  12. Ok.

    Yeap. Exactly.
  13. Many websites that offer both PayPal and Credit card payments, will set up the credit card info from and then have another check box or button if you want to use PayPal, expecting you to understand that if you use PayPal, you don't need to enter any credit card information. Not the best interface, but many people do it that way.