Pbr Brake Upgrade, Time To Replace Rotors And Pads

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  1. I cannot for the life of me remember what I did to upgrade all of my brakes.

    I bought a kit PBR that is like the 99+ cars or I bought the dual piston cobra kit.

    I don't know what is what. But it is time to replace the rotors and pads. I do remember needing to have 17" wheels from now on.

    Are the rotors a different size? maybe I can measure for an easy answer.
  2. If its cobra stuff, the rotors are 13 inch and you'll need cobra/mach 1/bullet pads 94-04.

    If its 99-04 gt/v6 pbr stuff you'll need 99-04 gt/v6 pads, and 94-04 gt/v6 rotors.

    Rear, its all the same rotors and pads for 94-04 gt/v6.

    Cobra rears are 11.65 inch rotors and cobra specific cobra rear pads.
    They're thinner then the gt/v6 pads, to accommodate the thicker, vented rear cobra rotors.

    *Edit-added rear info*
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