Brakes Pbr Upgrade: Definitive Answer

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  1. I have searched and read many posts about doing the 99+ PBR upgrade on SN95's and some folks say you have to grind a little bit off the caliper mounting ear, while other say you have to take a little off the spindle for clearance, and yet other say no mods were required. Is there a definitive answer on what needs to be done to perform the upgrade on a 94 GT ?

  2. You will need 99-04 v6/gt calipers, caliper brackets, soft lines with banjo bolts and pads.

    The rotors are the same, 94-04 v6/gt.

    You will need to grind/file a small amount off the spindle.
    you will see where upon installation.

    You should not have to modify any mounting ear.
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  3. Davis3 thanks.
  4. I thought most PBR upgrades were to the larger Cobra rotors (13") and calipers.
  5. I would go straight to the Cobra set up, but he's asking about the dual piston PBR 99-04 V6/GT front calipers.
  6. Ya I already bought the pbr setup.
  7. 94-95 will need to clearance the ears for the piston bores a bit. 96-98 will be direct bolt on.

    Master Cylinder needs to be changed as well. That small tidbit gets overlooked. Yes, you can use the calipers with your original MC, but the design intent of the 99-04 GT/v6 calipers was to be used with a 1" bore MC when using a vacuum booster (ala the 99=04 V6 Mustang) The 94-98 GT/V6 uses a 1 1/16" bore MC, while the 99-04 V6 with vacuum brakes uses a 1" bore MC. The boosters are virtually the same.

    So it's a 1/16" difference, but this is pretty big in terms of feel. The result will be with the larger bore MC, the pedal effort will be alittle harder. If you have strong legs and don't mind the effort, keep your original MC, but if you want a little easier modulation, a 1993 Cobra 1" bore MC would be a direct swap for your current MC. Just need to bench bleed it, install, and bleed the brakes.
  8. Hmm. This is quickly adding up quick. I was hoping for a cheap easy fix to my worn out stock calipers.
  9. There is also a 15/16" (0.9375) master cylinder that would be better. These were the stock Cobra size for the 94-95 models IIRC. These will require different brake lines as well.
  10. I did both 99-04 pbr gt/v6 calipers on my 94 gt, then cobra brakes all around.

    Didn't touch the ears, only a bit of filing on the spindle for the gt/v6 calipers.

    Also kept the factory gt master cylinder.
    Feels fine to me.
  11. New MC is only $100. The difference will be worth it. I've installed this setup on friend's cars and they love it. Stainless steel lines will be a good upgrade as well down the road.

    Both the Cobra and GT/V6 PBR's offer great performance. The difference is repeated stops where the larger Cobra rotors will soak up more heat allowing better braking over time. For your average street car, you might make 1 hard stop, and then have plenty of time to let the brakes cool. So for 99% of mustang owners out there, the GT/V6 PBR is a great setup that can be had for cheap.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I think I will go with the stock MC and see how the pedal feels...If not then it's a easy swap to the cobra one. Thanks guys.
  13. Well I just bought a complete cobra 13" setup with calipers, rotors, hawk pads and ss lines for 360! Lemme know if anyone wants to buy the 2000 pbr setup