Pcv Valve - Help!!

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  1. I was driving my car yesterday and all of a sudden it began smoking a little bit from the engine bay. When I stopped the car and popped the hood I could see oil splattered on the back of the engine bay and oil leaking out the bottom of the back of the engine. I let it cool down and while I was snooping around I found that the pcv valve on the back of the lower intake had come out of it’s place. I cleaned everything up and put the valve back in. After researching this topic I found out that there is supposed to be a little filter that sits in the grommet for the pcv valve? Mine didn’t have one. I’m kind of worried that it fell inside the intake? Is that possible? Also, is it a common problem for the pcv valves to pop out on these cars? The motor has been rebuilt so I am hoping that they just left it out and it didn’t fall inside the intake. Thanks for the help.

    (95 Cobra, no blower or turbo, the car has some bolt ons but nothing radical)
  2. The screen sits on a lip below the PCV. If the motor was recently built they may have forgotten to install it. If it has been pushed down into the engine that would have to be deliberate. It fits like a manhole cover. The screen can't on it's own go past the lip.
  3. Great information, thanks!
  4. There is absolutely no way it could have fallen into the engine. It would be like pushing a pencil through a pin hole. It is a metal breather element that sits on a quarter inch lip. I would go ahead and replace it all. Get a new PCV valve, breather, and PCV adapter (the little plasic piece the pcv valve goes into). When the adapter gets old, it doesn't fit tight around the PCV valve which causes them to pop out sometimes.

  5. Those parts store pcv grommets SUCK, they do not fit snugly at all. Get a Ford piece!
  6. Honestly never had a problem with the parts store one. If anything I would spend the money on a factory Ford PCV valve.