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  1. Anyone have recommendations on some good aftermarket aluminum type pedals? Good brands, good prices, etc.? I'm guessing these aren't hard to install...any suggestions?

    I have about 60 bucks to spend, and can't think of a good mod for that money, and I spend it soon or its gone forever!
  2. Mach 1 Lip! Grill Delete!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!
  3. Yeah I like the FRPP/Bullitt ones, the Steeda ones seem to blingy for me. I like the aluminum/black look, will blend with my dark gray interior, and I don't plan to dress up the whole interior with billet or anything like that.

    I've thought about the grille delete, but don't think I'm gonna do a chin spoiler with my car being yellow. I only really like those on dark cars where they blend in more and look like a part of the bumper itself.
  4. I got the ones from PartShopper also, the Bullit ones. They're not bad. I would read how-to's on the install though because there is some finagaling.
  5. Can't be any worse than the Prochamber and Mac about a puzzle with all those pieces, and it still rubs on my gas tank...gonna hafta fix that!
  6. Ya go with the Bullitts, but be ready to really wrestle with em!
  7. They might not be that bad but they are still a pain in the a** to get on. You will do more swearing installing the pedals than the exhaust. :D
  8. I vote with 4u2gitit :flag:
  9. [​IMG]
  10. My stock gas pedal broke:notnice: I thought they would be more expensive but I guess not. Those pedals don't slip over the current pedals do they?
  11. Ya they just slip ove the stock ones except for the gas pedal. It replaces the actual gas pedal, but not the pedal arm.
  12. don't bother with the aftermarket pedals. I have the factory Bullitt ones on my car, and they aren't terrible, but wet shoes + shiny metal != grip, even with the nubs. Don't get me wrong, it isn't super dangerous or anything, but regular rubber pedals are far better. I don't know about you, but I don't like the concept of a slippery brake pedal.
  13. i got my bullitt pedals on and i love them way more then stock. little bit a PITA to put on but you gotta know a little secret. PM me if your wondering
  14. I have seen where people mention boiling (in water, of course) them to get them on.
  15. nope i didnt do that. just a little dish soap and slide them on as far as you can with your hands then get in the driver seat and push them with your foot and slide a little and they should go on. remember push and slide
  16. dont forget to use a flathead.. :) Soak those Bishes! I put my anniversary pedals on my old maxima.. it sucked! But def. worth it.. What can i say, the look outweighed the labor!
  17. Another vote for the Bullitt's:nice: They look like they belong. My clutch pedal developed a deep crack and the bullitt pedals did the trick for me.

  18. i got the bullit pedals also, best looking pedal ive seen....i didnt buy the dead pedal though... still looks damn good ;)