Pedestal Roller Rocker Install

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  1. hi! i recently had to remove my passenger side head because of a spark plug braking of (long story) anyways, i am at the point where i need to reinstall my factory crane cams 1.7 roller rockers (pedestal) and i am wondering is there a specific way of doing this? i have seen people just hand tighten them down is that correct? and I have also seen people turn the motor and tighten them down in a series, I did not remove my driver side head so I didn't touch those roller rockers do they have to be redone???
  2. Rotate motor through its sequence and do this one cylinder at a time start with one and work your way back but get them to tdc so both intake amd exhaust valves are closed start each arm with no shims hand tighten to where you have no slop up and down on the push rid but you can still twist it now tighten the allen head to 20 ft lb. Of torque and watch how much of a turn it is if it goes to toque in under a 1/4 turn with no shims you need to file the fulcrum if it tightens to torque after one full turn you need to add a shim get two seperate sized shims so you can have alot of adjustability i try to get my valves to torque in a half a turn ... let me know if you got any questions
  3. do i have to do this whole sequence to the driver side rockers? i never removed them. its all the factory equipment going back in
  4. If you dont hear ticking then no but i mean i would it doesnt take much thinking just repetitive motions