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  1. Let it be understood that I am gramps on the gas pedal. But this afternoon I got a hair up my *** to see if my 2012 V6 auto could leave rubber from start. Well, it can't. The engine seems overwhelmed for about half a second before power is released to the back wheels. By that time the car is already moving. But once it gets going, hang on!! Must be a computer thing.....

    Anyone else experience the same thing?
  2. It's an automatic thing, and probably including the computer. My 05 auto v6 does it as launching from 10mph feels night and day difference from a dead stop.

    I'm assuming the new v6's have a LSD too, so even if you did break loose a little, you won't lay rubber down. Me on the other hand, once I break loose, I'm going no where real fast, and laying down a single, black line.

    You might try holding the brake harder with your left foot while getting on the gas at the same time, then launching.
  3. Thanks for the response. After I posted, I went out and tried again in case I was doing something wrong in the first place. Well, both wheels broke a little..sounded like there might have been a little dirt on the road, but they both broke. I suppose I was witnessing the limited slip diff in action.

    Anyway, enough of the WOT stuff. I got it out of my system and will probably never try it again... :rolleyes:
  4. I'm sure the electronic traction control is more popular or even standard now. Had to get that option separate in the earlier years. And what's silly, is that I don't even have ABS because they come together.
  5. Turn off the traction control.