People I Talk To On AIM

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by MysteryMachine, May 16, 2005.

  1. Hey some how i lost my freaking buddy list on MysteryMachineGT All the names are gone so If i talk to you on AIM send me a message so I can add ya back to the list.

    Chris did this happen to yours too?
  2. Dude sometimes AIM will lose them all you have to do is sign off and wait a few minutes and try it again it does that to me. Maybe thats the prob. if its not sorry dude i know how bad that can suck.
  3. ha ha I wish it was liek it i signed off and on liek 5 times restarted my pc tred that singned on and off a few times totally shut down my pc and then turned it back on still nothing and when peole i always talk to im me it throws up and accept message and i have to add them

    This has been one ****ed up day I think I'll start another thread about that lol
  4. thats why i save an updated version of my BL every so often
  5. Yeah i used to do that cause i had so many sn's but not i only really use the one so i haven't saved it
  6. well i have 3 SN's so whenever one goes down i revert to the other and update them every month. Having 206 names on my list it would take me forever to get all of them back if i had lost them. Hope ya catch some luck dude.
  7. XOnIceX, im going to bed now tho.
  8. dude, i replied to your other thread... sorry i haven't been on here much today, been trying to get back to studying

    one of my professors offered me a summer position... something about building a hamm radio which sets up knowledge for an op amp for his research, so i've decided to cut down on tv and the net so i can concentrate a bit more

    as i said on the other thread. i really think that the virus has nothing to do with it, but if it does, my bad man, i clicked on the link. but that's happened to many people before, just sign off for a day and come back, it should return

    oh yea here you go everybody AIM SN= superchrisophe03 ... i swear i wont do anything that stupid again
  9. Really just try to wait it out. It usually is AIM's fault, not on your side, just give it time.
  10. Mines still not back today so i think its lost for good