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  1. Just wondering who lives in PA and where? trying to meet up with some mustang owners around here.
    im just outside philly....Lower Merion
    im also trying to find a shop nearby that can do some work for me, or maybe just someone that can help me out.
    -Brian :flag:
  2. There's a lot of stangers in PA. I am one of them. My boyfriend has a 91 5.0 and I have a 99 V6. Were from lancaster. I'm not sure of any shops in the philly area but I know of a few in lancaster.
  3. Yup, there are a few us around. On most weekends I hang out in DE with a few other Mustang owners.....3 Mach 1's, 03 Cobra vert. We just had a small meet 2 weeks ago. There were 7 cars total.

    Btw, I work not too far from you. I am usually working in Radnor Township. Currently I'm working 1 minute from Villanova University.
  4. Seems like there's alot of us in the Lancaster/Central PA Area. Sorry, I don't know any of the shops in Philly :shrug:
  5. Northeast Phila. here. RAY
  6. good to meet you guys, vipergts- radnor is like 5 min from me!
    def. pm me next time some stangers meet up, i sometimes cruise around the philly area races, but recently its just not worth the risk there....way too many ricers
  7. Well look for a silver 03 Cobra if you are near Villanova. :nice:

    I went down to the Philly races 3 weeks ago. Way too many ricers and only a few Mustangs.
  8. I live in Mertztown, which is just west of Allentown(about 10 minutes). I also currently go to school out at Shippensburg Univ. Not sure about shops though. Anyone from the Shippensburg area? I don't see that many stangs out here except for other students. Also looking for a shop out this way that might let me slide by emissions without having my cats on. I still have all the smog stuff though.

    If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it.

  9. A friend of mine lives right near Allentown. He drives a 94 Cobra pace car (vert).
  10. I'm maybe 30min from you.
  11. Nice, a 93 Cobra.

    I'm not too far from you. Harleysville is not too far from Souderton is it? A buddy of mine bought his Mach up there a few months ago.
  12. 03 Cobra! Nicer!!! Souderton is right up the street. Where did he get it, Faulkner?

    Ps This snow SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I'm also in Lancaster. Did everyone see my thread about having a dyno day? It's right between Lancaster and Philly. Good prices. I'd like to get a bunch of Stangs to the dyno in one day. Definitely reply in that thread, so I can see how many people we can get together.
  14. Yup, Faulkner. And this snow has kept me in on a Saturday night. :fuss:

    I'm responding to it in a minute. :nice:
  15. I tried to get a job there selling. I didn't pass the personality profile. I guess that I'm not a big enough d#ck to sell cars. I just wanted to be able to drive all of the new cars and make a few bucks anyway. Oh well. THis spring you should come up for the cruise nights. There's a lot of very nice cars that come out for it.
  16. I'll definitely come up for a cruise night. Is anything going on up there around this time? Or is it just when the weather is nice?
  17. Na, nothing going on till the weather gets nice. The cruise night is on the second Saturday of the month. At the Harleysville Walmart. It normaly starts in April and ends in October. If its a nice night it can get really jam. 150 cars easy. It fills two lots. If it's not as nice out then the turn out is smaller.
  18. Well you can count me in. I'll definitely come up to check it out one night. :nice:
  19. Where is Harleysville at? BlownCobra, were you referring to me saying that you are like 30 mins away? And if so, 30 mins away from Shippensburg or Mertztown(Allentown)? I am always up for a cruise.

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