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  1. Cj's Criuse and Drag Night on Saturday May 8th

    Cj's Criuse and Drag Night on Saturday May 8th

    Here is the info

    Ive been there a Bunch of times and its a Nice turnout and the Drag night is alot of fun, Very laid back NO pressure racing, its Great if you never raced before. But its still fun if you know what you are doing.

    Im not sure what Im doing I wanted to see who was interested in going.
    It starts at noon and the Drags start at 5, They leave CJ's arround 3 to drive up to Beaver Springs its about 45min from Cj's and Cj's is Close to Hershey park.
  2. I am from Pottstown.. I say you were looking for a shop.. I have a budy of mine that opened a performance shop in Paoli.. he just put in a new crate motor for me 3 weeks ago.. he does awesome work and he gaurantees his work..Pancoast Automotive Paoli PA 19301...
  3. Looks like I'll be bringing out the ole Factory Stocker to play up at Beaver Springs. :) Guess I'll have to show up early to check out some of the cars.
  4. Looks like Drag Day might get rained out. I was planning to check out CJ Drag Day tomorrow & I still might go depending on the weather. Worst case, I'll have to wait until the next on June 12th
  5. Well it looks like i wont make it to much to do arround the house... I will plan on making the june 12 though
  6. Don't see any bad weather in the forcast. Car's loaded and ready to go. See everyone there.
  7. I showed up late at beaver just to watch as my clutch is shot. Sorry I didn't get to meet many people there, maybe next time I'll plan ahead a little better and have the car ready to run.
  8. It jsut didnt work out for me in the end I had to get a bunch of stuff done arround the house and couldnt go. I do plan on making it there for the June Drags the car should be all ready and Hopfully the weather will be nice.

    I guess the next thing is Carlisle Ill be there for all 3 days

  9. I had no idea they had shows at the trexlertown mall...please elaborate!!!!
  10. Who is going To Carlisle???

    Im headed out Friday Morning for The Pony trail and then back home and then back out sat morning and staying overnight

    Anyone want to drive out tomorrow or sat Morning??
  11. I was going to go because i WAS coming home this Saturday but got screwed AGAIN by the military. I will catch up with you guys when i return :rolleyes:

  12. Good to hear from you!! I havent been on th computer much i have been really busy with the lawns. when will you be home?
  13. I'm driving out to Carlisle Sat morning & spending the night. Should be there by 10 or 11 tomorrow moring :D
  14. The Motorsport Nationals are at Maple Grove this weekend. That's where I'll be.
  15. Hey guys, Josh here, I live in West Chester, which is like 30mins west of philly in chester county, and I run with Good Fellowship Ambulance if anyone's heard of them . I got a Black 87 which is starting to come along and a Blue '65 Coupe which is my new cruiser. I was planning on Carisle this weekend, but I'm currently replacing my brake booster, and I had to pull the dash out and drop the steering column to get to the top nuts, which were stripped of course. Anyone make regular trips down to Kahunaville? They were having shows every sunday, but I haven't been there since last summer. Anyway, any stang bangers wanna have a get together in chester/delaware county, or any thing else, email me @ [email protected]
  16. State College, PA Stanger here (sometimes Wilkes-Barre if I feel like it). Just thought I'd add my name to the group of [proud] Pennsylvanians. :flag:
  17. i am from the lower bucks area,grew up in levittown. anybody close?
  18. Cool, I grew up in Levittown too (Egan Grad). I'm living in Lancaster now
  19. all my friends went to egan,i am the only one who went to neshaminy. just to let you know,theres still a-lot of mustangs up one cruises the parkway any more.everybody goes to the city now