People in PA

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  1. Howdy.

    I'm about 40 minutes from you.....right down I-476.

    Welcome to the board. :cheers:
  2. I used to live in Wellsboro PA (20mins north of Williamsport

    I live in Maine now but i do make it home a few times each year and i go to Carlise every year for the Ford Nationals
  3. i'm visiting State college PA right now. Anyone from this area?
  4. State College!!! My pap goes to work there every day!!....I'm in Hopewell....about 1hr from State College....
  5. Reading area...With two questions.

    I am from the commonwealth. Located right outside of Reading PA. Car is a 93 LX 5.0. Would be hapy to converse...

    Question 1: Does anyone know a reliable and affordable freight company for shipping things too big for UPS or Fed-Ex? I need to ship out parts for sale to fund question 2

    Question 2: Can you let me in on a good source for tech information (building and amintaining) on building a stroker motor? I have done work to Fords for years but this is my first project of this nature and I want to do it right.

    Thanks for any help.
  6. anyone from around pittsburgh i am 20 mins south of the city any local shops i need my car tuned good looking for maybe a club or somethin near me to
  7. Emissions

    Knowing full well that it is hard to do. If you keep your mileage (Or odom rollback...Not reccomended) under 5k you will qualify for an exempt sticker in PA and can just about run straight pipes and not worry about it. I got this from the guy who inspects my car... Real reliable.

  8. 93 cobra 18k

    I just got a 93 cobra I was wondering what I can do to make it a little faster. Thanks brian
  9. just a few ideas for ya

    AFR 165 heads
    3.73s or 4.10s
    E cam
    U/D pullies

    Thats a good start
  10. hey bstorm, I'd take that cobra, leave it stock and hide it in a garage for the next 10 years. 93 cobra with 18k, thats a garage peice. I hope its that teal color! Anyway, where you at in levittown. I'm down the street in Langhorne.
  11. September 12 SVTOA Pittsburgh Test and Tune at Quaker City Raceway,who gonna be there

    This weekend on Sunday at Quaker City Raceway OH ,SVTOA from Pittsburgh gonna have Test and Tune
    $35 for enter, I will be there with my Stang ,brother with his 96 Proge GT, and two friends with 94 Stang (10sec on 1/4) and 90 Lincoln LSC (10sec on 1/4)
    Who else gonna be there
    Paul (Killercanary) are you going there

    Sorry for bad english,i'm from Bosnia/Europe and english is my 2nd language

    Here is the link about Test N' Tune
  12. CJ ponyparts LAST cruise this year SAT OCT 9th

    CJ ponyparts LAST cruise this year SAT OCT 9th

    I think Ill head out for this and put some miles on my car.
    they are also haveing an open house, should be a good crowd. They also have a Cruise (they actually go for a drive) after its over arround 3