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  1. from oxford about 30min. from philly. 86 mod. sedan. My new terror 86 tc 18-20 psi, 3" all the way back,ic,5-speed,big vam,35lb injectors. Just thought i would throw that in. All about the gathering.
  2. CJ's had a good turn-out even though it was pretty cool and windy.
    Next one is in April on the second saturday 4-10-04. I plan to go If Im ready for the 40th, We leave on Monday night for Nashville.

    May and June are the Drag nights for CJ's they are Alot of FUN and you get LOTS of runs well worth the $$$$
  3. I'll pop in to represent for the Pittsburgh people!!
  4. i am in souderton, (montgomery county) Pa. near me there is second street speed in Perkasie. they have been featured in MM&FF many times.
  5. I'll probably be at the next CJ's cruise(couldnt make the last one because of work) but tomorrow is my last day of work so I'll be free for alot of the stuff.
    Merkstang...we'll have to hook up sometime down in Nashville.

  6. When are you leaving and is anyone else going that you know?
  7. I'll be leaving Thursday Night and getting there early friday morning. Any idea how long it's going to take to get down there? No one else is going that I know, other than my friend who is riding with me.


  8. Not quite sure on time I thought 12hrs but that may not be enough :shrug:
    where are you staying? I have to look where i am and I let ya know
    Have you heard from Scott< How is he doing? Maybe we can get him to go!
  9. I'm staying at the host hotel. But its not opryland because they sold out, so they sent the extras to a hotel across the street I think its called the Radisson. I haven't talked to Scott for a while. I don't think he will be able to go because of classes.

  10. We are at the comfort inn its closer to the track and its was MUCH cheeper so I went with that. Email me your Cell so we can meet up.
  11. chalk up another one for the east side of pa. im in camp hill, just outside of harrisburg. ill be at cj's drags in may Whoo Hooo :D :nice: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

  12. We will be there. Unfortunately my wheels will not be here in time so I'm not racing my car, but my dad is racing his 91GT and my mom is racing her '01 BULLITT. I guess I'm on pit crew... Are you going?

    sixty9boss302- its good to see another 94-95 owner here. Do you ever post in the 94-95 section here?
  13. I am from the Washington area, I know of a couple cars out your way, my buddy has a freind with a t-type I believe his name is mike, anyway, let me know if your around the meadowlands area, have a few freinds with rides who like to cruise. :flag:
  14. From Stroudsburgabout a half hour from either Scranton or Allentown area. Hopefully I'll have the Mach 1 back on the road next month.
  15. Live in West CHester But I goto school at Messiah College in Mechaniscburg (5 mins away from Kauffmans)

  16. Good deal :nice:

    I remember seeing you there last year.
  17. thief in pa

    last may 29 i sent a kid named robert tettemer $1310 through paypal for a s trim kit. i still do not have my blower of my money. like a dumbass i thought iwas safe by going through paypal so i didn't get any info from him. the police don't want to do anything because i live in il and he lives in pa.his yahoo id is junior2118301. go under his profile and you can see what he looks like. he also has his owen web page under his profile. a little help would be great. thanks stangnet. if you don't want to put his info on here, you can email it to me at [email protected]
  18. merkstang, you ever cruise around/in kutztown? i don't think i've seen you around. my friend just got a job at autozone, 98 GT black. i'm up for some cruisin in the area, so is a couple of my "homies"....
  19. I'm going to Nashville...I just hope the Cobra stays together that long. I think I'm leaving tuesday night, meeting some friends in Cinci wensday morning for the trip down. anyone else leaving when I am?
  20. I have Friends out there None with mustangs though... Id be into getting together want to go to CJ's on the 10th of april. I think Im going I just NEED ot get my car done to go to Nashville. We are leaving on Monday the 12th