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  1. Merkstang-you have a PM. What is the web site/address/phone # for the comfort inn your at. I think I'm gonna have to back out of my room at radisson because i need two and they are sold out so i cant get another one. So I still need a place to stay, and the comfort inn sounds like a better deal anyway since 90% of the stuff is at the track.


  2. How many rooms do you need? I MAY have an extra room. Ill have to see.
    Ill PM you the # I have to get the info on where there are actually the price was between 40 and 50 bucks so its a DEAL!!

    There is a "cruise" on thursday night that sounds pretty neet will you be there for that? did you talk to Scott? Hope he is better.
    Talk to you later
  3. I live in Philly right now, but I am from Chalfont in Bucks County. Any of you guys know of a good place to get gears installed at, around Philly or Bucks County. I was talking to a guy a Pacifico Ford that recomended a shop in Washington Twp. N.J. its the guy from Caught you sleeping Racing. You guys ever hear of him.


  4. I got mine done at Performance driveline Its near Blue Mtn ski area. I had my diff rebuilt and all new bearings and the gears that I suppiled and it was like 400 with parts and labor not a bad deal and my rear is all new. I bought the diff rebuild kit at Fred Beans Ford in Boyertown. (they have the BEST prices on Motorsports parts!)
  6. I won't be down there for thursday night, I'm leaving here at around 8 on thursday and plan on getting there on Friday morning. I actually need two seperate rooms...I'll explain later its alot to type. How far is it from the track? I talked to Scott...what was wrong? He said he will be home on those dates and might be interested in going, so maybe you can talk him into going. Please send the info ASAP so I can cancel my reservation and start to get organized again....for once in my life I actually plan something and it all blows up in my face lol. Let me know.

  7. JD's Auto Repair

    These guys are the ones to call about gears!!

  8. I called the hotel NO rooms left... I have the one extra but thats it. Im going to hang onto it for a while if anyone needs it PM me.
    Scott was sick last month fluid in his lung and other stuff.. :notnice: Ill have to get him to go!! :nice:
    Thursday night is a BIG cruise it looks to be a huge event IF you can leave wednesday night.... thursday is THE day cause that is the actuall 40 b-day april 17!!
  9. Ok ya I'm not sure if i can go, the kid that was supposed to go with wrecked his truck and his parents made him back out, so I'm srcambling to find a room mate.


    P.S. what nights is that room for? If the radisson is sold out for thurdsday night, I may just cancel and take your room.
  10. I have the rooms resereved for Monday to Monday (allweek) I may know someonwe to split.. Let me check it out.
  11. I am in southwest right near the Airport.
  12. Killercanary - Yeah I post there sometimes. I read the boards everyday but I've only had my stang since last summer and it's in my garage back at home right now (but only for 1 more week WOO HOO). So I don't have enough experiance to be telling everyone what to do. I learn alot from reading on stangnet though, probably more than I do from college. I have HUGE plans for the car though, this summer should be awsome. I want to learn how to do eveything for myself (weld, port, rebuild an engine). Payin someone to do it is no fun for me.
    Sorry this was off topic. I wish I could make it to the meet. There, its on topic now.
  13. Merkstang...I don't need the rooms anymore, I'll just be at the Radisson. Are you going to CJ's on Saturday? Let me know if you want to meet up.


  14. I second JD's. I had them dyno my car and they went above and beyond what I expected from just a dyno tune.
    I race NMRA Factory Stock and if the driver could do his job, it would be an 11 second E7 headed car. Been 12.04, 12.06 and 12.08 so far. Car's headed back to JD's this week and hopefully we'll see some 11's in testing very soon.
    Talk to Rick or Joe and they will get you set up. I also thought the pricing was very reasonable.
    Tell them Todd sent you if you don't mind. :D They are going to be sponsoring me throughout the year in Factory Stock.
  15. Lehigh Valley here...near allentown
  16. Well hopefully we can meet up at the show somwtime

    I didnt get to CJ's I was working on the car and Im not feeling to good Ive got a cold or alergies... I feelt like crap yesterday. I still have to assemble the car Im buffing it right now. We are leaveing Monday after noon. I dont know if Ill be able to check email or not this week after monday.

    Im near wescosville and Emmaus Lower Mac twsp
  17. really, i live in upper mac
  18. i'm in horsham.. about a mile from the willow grove airbase.. just got the stang back from Monaghan's auto body in willow grove.. now its got a new stalker bumper and cobra r hood.. i love the new look.. anyway if anyone in the area wants to meet up send me a pm or IM me at sheff2720

  19. I live in the Bucks County area (Northampton)...

    Churchville, Richboro, Newtown, Newhope -- that's all my turf and where you will find me and my fellow stang friends cruising.

    I can make it to Northeast philadelphia in roughly 15 minutes.
  20. sheff do u ever hang out at the burger king by the regal movie theater and the air base