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  1. ive never really hung out by the burger king, but in at the movies all the time.. ive seen some guys with stangs over there though.. any of them you?
  2. na i've seen them to just wonderin if u knew them or if it was u
  3. Sup. I'm in the Poconos (Northeast PA, not far from the Jersey+New York tri-state border. I'm in the Saylorsburg/Brodheadsville/Effort area if anyone knows where that is. It's in Monroe County. There's a TON of stangs here. Sometimes I see riced out stangs though and I start crying.
  4. Just wondering if anybody has anything planned for the 4th of July? I get back to the states the 1st of june and would like to set up a big get together in PA. :)

  5. my friends and I were thinking about doing the 24hr paintball game at skirmish...

    That would be fun a huge stangnet paintball game lol
  6. Skirmish is awesome. I really need new gear though. My gun is broken.
  7. Checking in from Bloomsburg.
  8. as for bucks county My GF went to penridge, he family is up there, I goto school right near harrisburgh (im in mechanicsburg, next to carisle at Messiah College) My family lives in West Chester PA and they summer in Avalon NJ. So I am up for a cruise in any of those areas.
  9. Hey thats Great!! I thought you said september was when you would be back.
    June is Great!! You can go to Carlisle, Mustang week in NC and hang out with the Philly Crew all summer!! We just got back from the 40th anniversary show, We drove back wit Curt, Kim and Jim!!!! Curt and his son said that my car looks like you car when fallowing them... Ill get you some Pics of my "New" look. Ill Email you and then ill make a post in the 4.6 talk.
    Great to hear that you will be back Soon!!!!
  10. thats alot of replies. going to take me a month to sift thru it all. theres alot of pa stangers...

    back to the original topic, we just opened a new shop in Mohnton, Pa right down the street from maple grove if anyone needs anything.
  11. Get everyone together for the Workd record game- that is nuts to start with, plus the day rate is only $12 for the 2 days(you still get raped on paint prices though) My brother and I are thinking about hitting that one, plus I still need to get his bachelor party set up there(what he wants, The Grandview comes afterwards :D )

    I'm right around the corner from you in Cherry Valley towards Watergap. I hope to have the II out this year- maybe hit the airport or DQ once the cruises and weeknd runs start up around here. Only thing is I'm going to need to get it tagged as a classic to get around emissions(yes even though its only a visual here) visual :notnice:
  12. We should get a big ass cruise and BBQ for the people around Philly on the 4th of July.
  13. :stupid:
  14. Merkstang-sorry i didn't get in touch when you were down in Nashville, i had a bolt fall out in my rear end and chewed up my ring and pinion so i never got to go. Oh well ill see ya a one of the cj's events.

  15. Wow, there seems to be quite a few people from the Allentown(and surrounding) area(s). I myself live in Mertztown, which is about 5 minutes from trexlertown/macungie/emmaus/wherever. Anyone ever go to the show they have every other saturday at the trexlertown mall? I remember seeing a few nice stangs when I went. We should meet up for a cruise sometime, or just to bs about stangs and stuff.
  16. I'll go sometime if others go
  17. Wow andy sorry to hear about that!!
    the show was a blast. Ive posted Pics on the 4.6talk you may have to go back a couple of days or search for mustang 40 should come up
  18. Lookin at those pics is gonna make me sick lol. I had sooo much go wrong with the trip and worked so much to pull it all together and then it still all fell apart. LOL. Oh well I'm sure it is a great time and now I cant wait for the other shows. Let me know if your gonna be at any other shows.

  19. Ill be going to CJ's drag night and Carlisle for all 3 days I WAS going to Mrytle beach for Mustang week BUT I just got laid off.. :nonono: when we got back from the 40th..... SO cut back will have to happen. Im going to be doing Lawns Full time now, Ive been doing it on the side for a long time and have had 20 -25 lawns so now Ill need to increase that so if any one in the East Penn area Lehigh Co. and needs mowing....
    Well It should all work out :flag:
  20. Ya, I'll be at carlisle on Saturday and then I'm going to the NMRA race at Maple Grove on Sunday. I'm planning on going to Myrtle Beach, but can't find much info on it. Any sites you have on it?