people that own dogs, come on in

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  1. wanted to be like Zach lol

    but anyway what kinda dogs do you all have, whats their names, and how did they get their names

    I have 2 Chihuahuas Males name is Haze Females name is Chey

    Mine got their names for Rocher Candy Hazelnut-Haze and Chey was from Rocher for those that don't know its pronouced Ro-chey but i wasn't spelling my dogs name Cher and be like the singer so i spelled it like it sounds
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  3. go ahead I don't give a F**K lol
  4. All my dogs are mutts and imo mutts are great dog they love you for picking them up from the streets. The best dog I ever had was a full blooded black lavidor(sp?) he was one bad mofo. All my dogs name are in spanish so I don't know how to spell them.
  5. My girlfriend has a Tiny teacup chihuaua. Its really cute her name is lulu. She is almost a year old and is only 2.2lbs. She is like on crack half the time though. Fun dog.
  6. my cat will kick your dogs ass... as soon as he can get enough energy to stay awake long enough. The only thing this lazy bastard does is sleep all day

  7. This is in TALK! WTF is he whining about?! :shrug: :notnice: Anyway, I have a half Timber Wolf/ half German Shepherd named Denali, and a ShihTzu named Sassy. Denali got his name when on a trip to Alaska I decided to get him. Denali is the National Park where I spent some time. I had gone to look at him a week before I left and wanted to wait until I got back to get him. While in southern AK, I saw a wolf on the opposite shore from where I was standing, and took it as a sign. Sassy is named after a pot-bellied pig of the same name who lived across the street from my wife before we got married. She loved the pig, and loved the name.
  8. I guess you were refering to me about what is he whining about? IT WAS A JOKE! simma down nawh.

  9. lol don't worry about him he's just being a smart ass cause i was giving him **** on AIM about his threads its all good

    I've always wanted a wolf as a pet that would be so freaking cool
  10. MysteryMachine we rock...only cool people have Chihuahuas. His name is Deano, named him that because his bark is exactly like that of deano from the flinstones. He's full grown and 3 1/2 lbs.
  11. i'll have to get some new pics of mine and post um up
  12. jack. we got him at the pound. the biggest baby there ever was. he thinks he's human. he eats better than i do ... he has steak while i eat hamburger.

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  13. I have a Lhasa Apsos named Shelby. She is the greatest dog ever! Lhasa Apsos are not the "manliest" of dogs, but I'd never own another breed, they are EXTREMELY smart and well mannered.
  14. pictures?
  15. I had a Pit Bull that I had acquired from a co-worker who was also a breeder.

    I have no training exp. and it was my first pet

    I got the dog when it was 4 weeks old and I never let another sole see the dog until it was 8 weeks old. It only saw, me, my room, and the outside to go bathroom for the first 4 weeks of it's life. This COMPLETELY imprinted the dog on me, I NEVER used a leash and it stayed by my side wherever I went, even when I was walking through Petsmart it would not leave my side. I trained the dog to sit and stay at 8 weeks old, I could set the treat on it's nose and it wouldn't eat until commanded, I could tell it to sit stay, then turn my back and watch TV for like 5 minutes then I'd look back and it would still be there then I would tell it to get the food, I could even throw the food at it and it wouldn't budge. I even took a shower one time came back and it was still sitting and waiting for the word. I lived on the third floor and I never helped my dog up the stairs so it would constantly be rclimbing stairs, it's shoulders were HUGE at 10 weeks old. When I took her to see her brothers and sisters it didn't even look like they were from the same litter, she would dominate them, she was twice their size and would just toy with them. She could run as fast as dogs that were 4-months old when she was only 12 weeks. When I'd take her outside (NEVER LEASHED) I couldn't run away from her as much as I tried. She would try to apporach people, when outside, and all it took was one command and she wouldn't budge. One time I succesfully hid in my car and watched what she would do, she ran back to the aparment door and waited.

    Best dog ever, absolute bond, we were meant for eachother.

    She was stolen from me when she was about 16 weeks old from my apartment.

    :( :( :( I don't even want another dog

    I'll try to dig up pics, they were on my old phone which I lost. But I'm gonna try to find a few.

  16. Thats awesome :nice: (minus the last part of course :nonono: )
  17. I have a black lab named buddy...I just couldn't think of any other name and I just instinctually call dogs gf has a chihuahua named cooper just got it it is like 7 weeks old..
  18. Sorry! I'm still worked up about this Talk vs. Tech thing, I guess. I dont care, I'm fine with this site either way. My mistake! I need to post some pics of the beasts before this thread gets too far along... Ima simmerin' da na. :D
  19. american bulldog, named marylin after Ms. Monroe by my sister.

    sweetest dog ever and shes got the best temperment! :nice:
  20. minuature Yorky named maddie. Dog is the laziest thing on earth. She sleeps more than I do. Only cool thing about her is she loves car rides, even if its just down the street and back. She also basically tells my parents when I'm home she knows before I pull into my subdivision. She barks and gets their attention even if they are asleep. Which becomes and isore when I come in late like always nothing like waking the parents up at 3 or 4 am. She won't stop her barking till she hears my voice or see me. Smart dog just lazy.