People who like music will love this.

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  1. Frets on Fire is its name, and a Guitar Hero substitute is what it aims to be.

    It's quite similar to Guitar Hero in that you must hit your fret buttons
    [F1-F5] and the Strum button [ENTER] at the proper time to secure a strum.


    The Game only comes with 3 songs, however with the ability to make
    your own songs within the game, many patrons of the game have
    created many songs and song packs up for download.

    You hold the keyboard like so to create a succesful guitar like stance. (thats not me)

    ^Link to website.

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  2. P.S. Its fun as ****.
  3. i think it would be hard for me i got a laptop....:shrug:
  4. Me too, but i have a USB keyboard. You can get them for pretty cheap.
  5. that sounds like a lot of work to do anything easier lol
  6. Try and play with your laptop. lol

    Or change the controls around.
  7. i will try it without holding it like a guitar and see how it goes
  8. Dude, I tried it, and this game is sicknasty. Gonna rip the guitar hero songs onto it when I get time. Good find!
  9. For the songs.

    There are tons of them I downloaded the 500 MB file, the 200 MB file, and Im downloading the 1.93 gig file

    Ill be playing for days.
  10. Dude, we're not allowed to use Torrents here :nonono: People have been caught and have lost all network priveliges indefinitely. Its kinda tough finding songs without it for FOF
  11. That sucks. I know the majority of torrents are illegal stuff, but there is SOME legal stuff on it.